Love Notes From the Urban Goddesses...

I wish I could give the Urban Goddess class as a gift to every woman I know. The class helped me awaken parts of myself that I had forgotten existed or I had completely turned off as a result of living a full and busy life in NYC. I was going through the motions of my life but completely feeling disconnected and burned out. Amanda helped me find a more balanced and joyful way to live – a freer, fiercer, more feminine, sexier, and empowered ME. She taught me how to harness the powers that I had buried deep inside. I feel blessed to have found her and her special work has been life altering. A better version of me emerged after the 12 weeks and my friends and family have noticed my energy shift from tired and dull to glowing, buoyant and exuberant.

“I always thought of myself as a very feminine woman, but doing the course I realized how much my whole life I had programmed myself to be such an achiever and such a masculine way of getting things done in my life. Learning about the feminine goddesses, knowing that I could still do the things I want to do to be successful and follow my dreams without having to go about it in this cut throat type way... It made me appreciate life more. Find pleasure in moments just walking to the subway, eating my food.”

— MADELINE GILES, Creator of Angelic Breath Healing,



I’d been hearing for quiet awhile that I needed to get involved with a group of empowered women, to share, to be supported and to learn how to be a woman. Something inside me told me that I have much more power in my mind, body, and spirit then I had been using. Then BAM! I found Amanda and was on the fast tack to connecting to my true femininity and the immense energy that naturally comes from tapping in.

I was like many women, and knew there was something missing in my life but didn’t know what it was or how to discover it. By participating in Amanda’s class and by practicing the skills and exercises she shared, I was able to connect to parts of my body, spirit and mind I had not previously accessed.

Amanda’s ability to share, facilitate, and teach are amazing! I was also fascinated by my classmates growth. It was inspiring to be surrounded by women on a weekly basis who were all on the same path - to find and harness their true feminine power and divinity.
— - BETSY COHEN, NYC Psychic,


I could promote this course endlessly, as it has improved my life in so many ways.  Whether you are called to this work in a random or specific manner, do not shy away.  Jump in with both feet and go for it!  You are meant to be here. 

The journey with the triangle of goddesses (fierce, feminine, and free) will form an imprint on your life and transform you.  Amanda is a truly a gift, in every way, and she will enlighten you and guide you through the knowledge and practices which will change you for the better.  She is amazing!  She is a bright, loving, and supportive catalyst for returning to and bringing out the real you.  The “you” underneath it all, who you may have forgotten about, or parts of you that you might not even know exist. 

As a result of this course, I feel stronger as a person and more connected to the universe.  I found a personal fulfillment and freedom within myself, and I am happier in my skin than I can remember being in a very long time. The bonds you will form with the women in your goddess circle are absolutely priceless. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  Amanda and the Urban Goddess!!

-JULIE, Management Analyst, LEED AP

Urban Goddess dramatically changed my life during a time of need; Amanda gave me the tools to be able to tackle the challenges that came my way. I now have my handy pack of to-dos that I can whip out in times of stress and need. I learned physical as well as mental practices, and my shifts were both visible and invisible. I greatly appreciated the way this course was structured into Goddess archetypes, as this structure is both accessible, yet open-ended. I loved being in a close-knit community, and as a result, developed several long-lasting friendships. Most importantly, I learned that I do not need to look outside of myself for inspiration, power, or any characteristic that I may desire. Simply put, I am all that I need, and this sense of self-content and fulfillment, is all I could ever ask for. Thank you for your inspiration, Amanda!

I truly can't imagine what my life would look like if I had not been guided into Amanda's presence. When I met Amanda I KNEW I needed to make some major shifts in my life. I knew I needed to take my life back, to take my power back and deeply root that power within me and find this new version of myself.

Despite the fact that becoming a mama had been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, if not thee greatest, I needed to cultivate this power and combine it with a much more WHOLE version of myself, a version I could be proud of. I didn’t know how I would get there. I felt unsupported, alone, weak, exhausted and even scared.

Amanda led, guided, supported and loved me up in a way that allowed me to open, heal, let go, and ultimately feel ALIVE for the first time in way too long. Over the course of the program I became stronger and stronger, slowly making time for me, showing up and committing to ME and taking care of me. My life shifted. It was profound, fun, intense, challenging at times even. When I got stuck or something came up that was blocking me Amanda saw. She helped me work gently through these obstacles and held me and the energy of the goddesses in a way that was truly an honor to witness.

Amanda has a gift. And I feel so grateful she shared that gift with me. I graduated from Urban Goddess supported, held, seen, heard, validated and connected. I felt SO ALIVE! I was having a beautiful love affair with my life again and with my partner too.
— TAMARA IGLESIAS, Founder of Wellynest,

My meeting Amanda was largely serendipitous. I came to Urban Goddess at a crucial turning point in my life--I had just left an unfulfilling job and was embarking on a journey into self employment. I was full of fear and anxiety around my self worth and my finances. I didn't feel like myself at all. Working with Amanda as a student in her 12 week course, I saw major shifts taking place in my life after just one week! Twelve weeks later, I found my faith restored, my self-confidence renewed, and my income increasing. Amanda is genuine, loving, and really knows her shit! I highly recommend getting on board with her. The benefit is infinite.

- MECCA WOODS, Astrologer, Writer, Life Coach, Breadth and Sol Astrology

I would recommend this to any female on this planet no matter what age. I would love for my mother to have an outlet like this to connect with women and learn to love her self and others more genuinely. Urban goddess was an experience that will forever be in my heart. It has given me the tools to ground myself and always come back to the infinite power source that is within me, through affirmations, breath, and movement. Amanda is truly a miracle worker! There’s no denying in the power that Amanda brings to the collective. It’s her presence in the here and now that allows all women to truly learn the power that we have. Amanda brings us back to our source and to recognize the power that all women posses. I am forever grateful for urban goddess and hope that it expands the collective to women from all over the world that can learn from each other. Thank you so much Amanda for showing me something my mother or school teachers never did; to know that it’s okay to feel a spectrum of emotions. Amanda... I love you and am forever indebted to you. Your spirit your guidance your attention to every women in the class made This all worth it. Thank you so much.
— D. AVA
It really resonated how Amanda explained the 3 goddesses. I live a hectic lifestyle, and sometimes I forget those feminine parts of myself. She gave me a plan of how to nurture my body and slow down. It gave me the guidance to ease into a place of balance. And I became a huge Amanda Young fan! She gives you techniques you can take home and practice. I highly recommend her. I think every woman should do it. Young, middle aged, old. Everywoman!
— FOUZIA ELIDRISI, Wedding Planner,

Before I met Amanda, I was working really, really hard at my job and struggling to find a special relationship. I was tired of being single. I was tired of the drama. I was tired of giving all of my time to work and no time to myself. Amanda helped me to see that I was just stuck in a bad habit. She helped me to take that energy I was giving to my work, and bring some of that back to me, without feeling like I was going to get fired. Now, a year and a half later, I have left New York, still have my job but with more respect. I bought a home, and I am in a relationship.  It is possible if you stick with it. You will get to where you need to be. I am living proof.



This work is about going deeper in to your own personal process of growth and transformation. This work has made me feel more beautiful from the inside out.

-JUJU STUHLBACH, Lead Singer, Mosquitos and Undersea Poem

Upon completing the Urban Goddess program, I finally feel like I understand self-love and the meaning of lightheartedness. We are here on this earth to connect with and love one another, and it’s not possible to do that fully until we are in love and connected with ourselves. Through Amanda’s nurturing guidance, wisdom and many tools and practices, I evolved my spirit closer to the divine feminine. I feel more alive in my true nature with raw creative expression! I believe Amanda’s teachings are vitally important for bringing balance to the masculine and feminine in our world. I am on this Urban Goddess journey for the long haul and look forward to sharing these gifts with many other women in the future.  




Knowing Amanda has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. Her energy is amazing and I'd leave our sessions feeling happy and more enlightened. I still rave about her to my friends and family. If I could recommend anyone or do it all over again, I would choose Amanda hands-down.

- BECCA SCHACK, Singer/ SOngwriter,


I had never really thought about having an inner goddess, let alone an inner Aphrodite. In my early 40s, with a successful career in a historically male dominated field, I really hadn’t given my feminine power - or my feminine anything - all that much thought. The retreat was amazing. Every little detail - from the rose petals on the steps, to the movement exercises, to the raw organic chocolate - instantly made me aware of how colorless, how goal-oriented, and how unfeminine my inner life was. Just being in such a safe, sacred environment was amazingly transformative. For the first time in a long time - maybe ever - I felt tuned into my feminine energy.

Since that retreat, a lot about my life has changed. I still have the high-powered career, but it’s not as stressful. I do more yoga. I started taking Reiki and, in the process, started working with gemstones. I make jewelry. I dance (in my living room on a regular basis) and I adorn myself with beautiful things. I am also kinder to myself. I take more walks. I find it easier to connect with other women, with nature, my colleagues, and more importantly, myself. Given that my first retreat was just a short one, I can’t wait to work with Amanda again in one of her longer programs.
— KATHRYN LIVELY, College Professor