I invite you to join us for a life changing weekend

that will set the stage for you to have the most powerful and satisfying year possible


Female visionaries are being challenged,


and prepared for their role as a leader right now

like never before.


Are you Being Called Forward?

If you’re part of the revolution - you’re being tested.

You are being asked to be more true to yourself.

To stop doubting.

To stop questioning and playing small.

To trust yourself even more

To clear through whatever last bits of old baggage and karma

you have been clinging to.

You are being asked to step forward.

To claim your voice.

To claim your sovereignty

You are also being called to soften

To surrender.

To lay down the defenses.

To allow yourself to receive. love, abundance, and pleasure.


To uncover illusions of separation and competition.

You are being readied for your mission.


To embody love and lead the way for the new world paradigm.

That’s All! :-0

geometric-gold-foil-heart (2).jpg

In order to do this you must move from disempowering perspectives, and limiting frames

into a place of deep self empowerment and self trust.

You must remember your wings!

You must experience yourself attuned to divine forces,

as an open channel for the higher intelligence that wants to operate through you

in your unique life purpose

You must learn to rise above the pack,

to manifest your visions and dreams, and live as an example for others.


It is time to stop trying to fit in,

& fully embrace being no ordinary woman :)

You are different.

You are here to lead.

Not to follow, my friend

I will help you trust that.

Even through the challenges that arise on the path.


This retreat is a catalyst for stepping into 2019 as the most empowered you possible.

You will receive the tools, perspectives, framework, and guidance to help you step into 2019 on solid footing, and with the practices that will have you rise again and again to be the most powerful and gracious leader possible, and manifest the life you are here to live.

  • It all begins 10 days before the weekend immersion, when we will have an online fireside chat to get to know each other, and I will give you some fun homework to prepare for the weekend.

  • Then when we meet in person you will have 2 full days of immersive embodiment practices, guided meditations and visualizations, journaling practices sisterhood connection, deep conversation, and you will leave with a pack of take home tools to apply in the coming year.

  • 2 Weeks after the retreat we will have another online convergence where we will see how it has been applying all you catalyzed over the immersion weekend. I’m not going to leave you hanging! I want to make sure you are implementing!

Some of What You can Expect during the Immersion Weekend:

  • Exploring the Heroines Journey

  • Themes of Resurrection and Rebirth

  • Powerful womb meditations to activate your embodied feminine inner oracle and to ground you into your power and trust your womb instincts and let them guide you in 2019

  • Inclusion in a circle of like minded bad ass luminaries like yourself.

  • Embodiment of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, as well as exploration of the ancient Sumerian Goddess Inanna and her descent and resurrection.

  • Lot’s of Dancing and Moving Your Body





Warm Up Fireside Chat:

Jan 29 6pm PST

Weekend Immersion Dates

Sat Feb 2 9am - 6pm

Sun Feb 3 9am - 4pm

Follow Up Chat

Feb 12th 6pm PST




Private Home Topanga CA


$888 or 2 payments of $488

Space is limited to 12 visionary women committed to personal growth and planetary contribution

and based on application process.


If you’re ready to join us: Please fill in this form to apply :

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What’s not included:

  • Travel to the location in Topanga, Los Angeles, CA

  • Overnight accommodations. (Inquire with me, and I can help you arrange them as decadently or as cost efficiently as you desire)

  • Lunch and Dinner

What’s Included:

  • 1 warm up call before the retreat

  • 1 follow up call after the retreat

  • 2 Full Days of workshop activities with take home exercises and tools

  • Snacks and Breakfast (If you stay in the house with us)


If you’re ready to join us: Please fill in this form to apply :



You are a trailblazer

You are ready to rock 2019 like no one’s business

You know now is your time

You’re ready to shift your perspective

You’re willing to move through discomfort and face fears

You know that receiving support allows you to magnify your potential

and you want to do this in the most easeful, feminine, joyful and pleasure filled way possible.

This is not for you if:

You are attached to your pain and suffering

You wish to complain and find problems with things instead of opportunities and solutions

You are not committed to upleveling your life