I’m Amanda and I help powerful, successful women to live more rich, full, juicy, romantic, and meaningful lives by connecting them to their Feminine Power.

When you connect to your Feminine Power you become a Magnetic Woman. 

You become that woman that everyone is drawn to, and admires.  You begin to call things to you effortlessly. You feel good in your skin, and you glow.  

There is a FREEDOM and a Confidence that you emanate that has nothing to do with an expensive handbag, wearing the right shoes, or applying the right makeup. 

People will want to know your secret. 

The secret? 

It’s that you have fallen in love with yourself from the inside out.


Very often women who are working with me tell me that their friends are asking what they’ve been doing“Is it a new detox?  Some new miracle cream or exercise routine you’re doing?”  And they just smile, and say it’s the “Inner work I’ve been doing.  It’s my inner Goddess that is beginning to shine.

  • Sometimes they get stopped on the street by strangers and told that they are glowing.   
  • When people meet them for the first time,tell them that they have a special radiance or sense of inner peace and confidence about them. 
  • Co-workers and business associates tell them, that everyone from the board meeting can’t stop talking about their bad ass confidence and clear direction, and that’s why they got the deal.

Amazing things begin to happen when you unleash your inner Goddess and decide to truly, madly, deeply fall in love with you!

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself and become a Magnetic Woman?

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