Sovereign Circle

A live, invitation only, virtual coaching circle for female leaders who are ready to take it to the next level, and move through any place where they are still playing small


Your Crown Awaits

To be sovereign unto oneself is to sit on your inner throne.

There is a space inside where you crown yourself Queen.

No one else can crown you.

No one can validate you.

No one outside yourself can give you power or permission.


In this 6 week Circle you’ll:

Discover how to be a powerful and graceful feminine leader by aligning with your soul

Allow yourself to be more fully supported in all areas of your life

Trust your inner voice and feminine intuitive guidance above and beyond all else

Make decisions and take action based on your instincts and sovereignty, and not be swayed by others

Place down boundaries and cut cords with anyone and anything that is feeding off of you or compromising your integrity and truth

Feel your power and your sovereignty as a living life force in your body

Carry your body and move through space as a Queen

Hold your power and not apologize for your beauty, your brightness, or your greatness

Receive more gracefully as your sovereign birthright

Feel magnetic, radiant & confident in your body

Experience de-e-e-e-ep self love, and realize it's actually OK to put yourself first

 Practice speaking your truth with searing clarity and conviction, even when it is uncomfortable for others

*Be Deeply Supported by a Fellow Circle of Powerful, Conscious Women, and of course deeply supported by Me, Amanda as your fellow sister and mentor on this journey.

Registration is Opening Soon & By Application Only

We are limiting the circle to 15 women to keep it very personalized and intimate

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