Browse through my favorite things from beauty products to life changing books and meditations.  All categorized by what Goddess Power the product will help you to activate.  Click on the item to purchase.

This is a collection of my favorite products:

I have divided into 4 Categories which follow the rhythms of the Hot & Holy Course.

1: FOUNDATION-  Products that support you in your general self care & basic knowledge of the Divine Feminine.

2: FEMININE:  Products that support the blossoming of your Sensual Goddess

3. FIERCE:  Products that support you in activating your Warrior Goddess

4. FREE:  Products that support the opening of the Free Heart, and the tender opening of your Compassionate Goddess

Beauty Products

It's no Secret.  I am a sensualist.  

The Sensual Goddess in me has ALWAYS loved Products!  I love products that remind me to take some time and make a ritual of my self care; Products that invite me to honor myself as a Queen, or as a Goddess, of course.


Evan Healy Face Oil: FEMININE 

This is the BEST face oil for our Sensual Goddess face massage.  The delicious smell feeds your senses, while the oil nourishes the skin on a deep level and gives you that goddess glow.


Evan Healy starter kit: FEMININE

I am a big fan of this skin care line.  I highly recommend it.  It's so natural you could practically eat it.  And the fragrance feels truly luxurious.


Keeping Abreast of It - Breast Massage Oil: FEMININE 

This is the BEST oil to use for our Feminine Goddess breast massage.  A real treat for the senses, and also really good for draining the lymph in this part of the body, and keeping your breast tissue healthy.


Health Products

A healthy body temple is every Goddesses first step

Weleda Wild Rose Body Lotion: FEMININE

If you want to feel really soft and really girlie, indulge yourself with this deliciously scented lotion.  I love how I smell when I put this on after a bath.

Women's Probiotic Supplement : FOUNDATION & FIERCE 

A healthy gut ecology is the foundation for your physical embodiment of the divine feminine.  A clean and clear gut is what will help you to hear the fierce voice of your inner Warrior Goddess.

Triphala Internal Cleanser: FIERCE

This traditional herbal combination from India gently tonifies your colon and helps your bowels become more regular.  Important for a clear abdomen to feel your gut impulses and truth.


Tulsi Tea with Red Mango: FOUNDATION

A delicious tea containing the herb Tulsi or Holi Basil from India known to be a great mood enhancer.  A bonus is that Organic India is a great company with a beautiful mission that works with local farmers to support them.


These are some of the books that I recommend in the Hot & Holy course.  Books that have been powerful in my own journey to deeper connection to the divine feminine.

Dance of the Dissident Daughter : FOUNDATION

A woman;s journey from Christian tradition to Divine Feminine Awakening.  This is one of my all time faves.



When God was a Woman: FOUNDATION

Learn about the ancient Goddess cultures from an anthropologist who studied the archeological remains of Goddess worshipping civilizations..



The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: FOUNDATION

This was one of my first books on the Goddess. Fascinating exploration of how writing, images, our brain, and the divine feminine all intersect.


Dear Lover: FEMININE

A favorite book I recommend during the Sensual Goddess part of the course. David Deida lays out for all women to understand what really opens a man's heart to a woman, and Allow him to seduce you into more receptivity, sensuality, and flow in your life


Vagina by Naomi Wolf: FEMININE

Develop a deeper understanding and a more intimate relationship with your feminine lady parts.  Essential to connect to your Sensual Goddess.


Dark Side of the Light Chasers: FIERCE

Get in touch with your shadow side to become more whole and unleash your power


Overcoming Underearning: FIERCE

The best book for transforming money issues.



T shirts

Wear your  Goddess pride !  More designs coming soon.
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$37.00  Sizes S, M, and L

A Return to Love: FREE 

Marianne WIlliamson's classic take on a Course in Miracles