SHE Sessions

My genius is helping return you to your sacred SHE & Helping to plug you back into your source of power and joy.

Your sacred SHE is your embodied feminine soul; the part of you that is unshakeable, confident, empowered, at peace, and in your joy and ecstasy. SHE is your true self AWAKENED, ALIVE, & EMBODIED as a delicious union of your body and soul. SHE is your anchor.

You are familiar with this place within you. You’ve tasted what it’s like to know you are a sacred wildfire, a white hot light that came into your luscious physical form with the mission to embody love and be a revolutionary by your very presence.

I also know you forget sometimes. You forget and it’s like the plug got pulled out. The energy, the electricity, the clarity, the joy, the dance, the juice of life get’s dimmed.

And I’m here to help you remember.

I am opening up my calendar for the next 3 weeks with a special, once in a blue moon, opportunity to work with me in a single SHE session at a special rate of $133 for a 60 min private laser session to get you plugged back in, and reconnected to your power.

Normally the only way to work with me 1:1 is to commit to a 6 month mentorship program which ranges in the mid 4 figures. So this is a very rare opportunity. Only available in August, and there are only 8 spaces in my calendar.


  • At a cross roads and needing some support to truly follow your heart?

  • Needing to get back in your body and remember your power and your purpose?

  • Feeling disconnected to your feminine energy and ready for life to feel more fun and ALIVE again?

  • Questioning your path, your purpose, your direction?

  • Feeling called to step into your feminine leadership but also feeling overwhelmed?

  • On the path but getting jostled around lately, and wanting to realign?

  • Feeling let down or confused about your romantic relationships and seeking some clarity?

Bring it Sister, and let’s do this! I’ve got you!