Class 1: Foundations

Introduction to the Queen Archetype. Our Queen's Life Vision, Sensual Guidance System, The Queen's Fuel "Royal Jelly", Shakti Breathing, Essential Oil Protocol.


Video Of Shakti Breathing


Essential Oil Practice:

Substitute the statement before you begin practice with your Sensual Queen Statement


Shakti Breathing Audio


Class 2: Embodiment Of The Sensual Queen

  • Diet and Supplement protocols

  • Opening the hips and thighs

  • Shakti breathing with pelvic rocking and moving into dance

  • Essential Oil protocol part 2


Essential Oil Practice Part 2


Shakti Breathing With Pelvic Rocking Audio


Class Three: Filling the Chalice

  • Sensual Goddess Energy

  • The Royal Jelly = Pleasure

  • Pleasure Journaling

  • Receiving

  • Sexual Energy and Manifestation


Class 4 : Strengthening Your Inner Knight

  • Warrior Goddess Energy

  • Boundaries

  • Activating the Gut Fire


Class 5: Enter The Chamber Of The Heart

  • Leading From The Heart

  • Nurturing Your Inner Little Girl


Class 6: Bringing it All Together/ Balancing The Masculine and Feminine