Claim Your Joy, Confidence


Ownership of your Queendom


Are You Ready to Uplevel in a Major Way?

Would you like to experience a massive upgrade in every area of you life; especially relationships, finance, and career?

Are you ready to:

Let go of the old masculine ideas of what a powerful woman looks like, stop hiding your true identity, Questioning your wild ideas, or Playing small in anyway?

And Instead:

Trust Your genius, Live boldly in your instincts, Fill yourself up with pleasure,

and from there stand unwaveringly in your feminine power as a true Queen?

Join Us In

The Sensual Queen


Sensual Queen is a masterclass for female leaders who are ready to take it to the next level, and move through any place where they are still playing small


As a Sensual Queen you will:

  • Own your body, your space, and your life

  • Trust your inner voice and feminine intuitive guidance above and beyond all else

  • Hold your power and not apologize for your beauty, your brightness, or your greatness

  • Know your value

  • Make your own rules

  • Prioritize pleasure and self nourishment

  • Feel empowered in every situation

  • Lead with authority, confidence, and grace

  • Consecrate and crown yourself & Stop waiting for others to validate you

  • Magnetize prosperity and abundance as a natural match for the frequency you are carrying

  • Trust yourself and your unique divine assignment

  • Bow to no one, and hold your boundaries like a Mofo

  • From a place of supreme joy and abundance be in service to a greater good for all

  • Feel your power and your sovereignty as a living life force in your body

  • Carry your body and move through space as a Queen

  • Allow yourself to be more fully supported in all areas of your life

  • Receive gracefully as a Queen - welcoming more pleasure, fun, playtime, and even romance

  • Make decisions and take action based on your instincts and sovereignty, and not be swayed by others

  • Place down boundaries and cut cords with anyone and anything that is feeding off of you or compromising your integrity and truth


You deserve to live this way EVERY single day!

Are You Ready?

I invite you to Join us in

The Sensual Queen:  

A 6 week Feminine Power "Mistress-mind"


This is perfect for you if:

  • You are an entrepreneur, healer, or creative innovator, and even though you have accomplished quite a bit, and people probably look at you as having it all together, you realize that there is still a much BIGGER game you are meant to play, and you are ready to raise the standard, and let go of any last place that is still playing small or afraid of being seen - You are ready to be visible and take a big leap to the next level, and you know it has to happen through being in your feminine energy and not pushing or forcing in a more masculine way.

  • You’ve worked in the corporate world and done well, but you know that you aren’t being true to your soul, and you’re starting to feel the burn out from that misalignment. You are ready to start taking more risks, to step away from convention, to be more in your feminine energy, more connected to your soul, more in your body, and trusting your instincts even if they seem wild or illogical.

  • You know you are meant to shine and lead a radically happy life, maybe even be a leader for others, but you’ve been playing small by hiding. You’ve dimmed your light so as not to make others uncomfortable, you’ve squashed your voice, and sometimes you might even question whether you’ll ever break out of this shell. But it’s now or never time. You are ready to finally SHINE and trust yourself, and take steps towards unleashing your voice and activating yourself as a leader.

    Wherever you are on the spectrum of stepping into your leadership, your way forward is through your body and getting in touch with your inner feminine guidance system; To more deeply trust yourself and your feminine energy.

    And that is exactly what Sensual Queen is designed to support you in.

amanda-0413 (1).jpg

When you are in your body and in your instincts you trust yourself.

This is when you are unstoppable, and magnetic.

This is the essence of confidence and true royal sovereignty.

A Queen absolutely MUST trust herself and her instincts above all else.


Join us in the Sensual Queen 6 week immersion 


What We Cover:

  • Learning to TRUST YOUR FEMININE ENERGY AND RHYTHMS.  A big part of being a true Queen is trusting yourself and your instincts even when they go against what everyone else believes.

  • Listening to Your SENSUAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM. How to hear and trust your bodies clear yes’s and clear no’s. Letting this be your compass.

  • OPENING UP YOUR RECEIVING capacity - When you have issues receiving, life is never allowed to feel easeful and in feminine flow.  You have to exhaust yourself in order to deserve money, and luxury.  This will reset you to become a RECEIVER.

  • BOUNDARIES AND STANDING IN YOUR QUEEN. Looking at the 3 primary ways you let go of your boundaries, and sealing up the energy leaks.

  • Learning what the FREQUENCY OF SOVEREIGNTY feels like in your system on a cellular level.  Practices to shift that frequency.  Live breathe and move through your day in the most fundamental way from a place of power and sovereignty

  • EMBODIMENT PRACTICES that you will be able to use for the rest of your life. Every class will have embodiment practices that tap you into your feminine fuel, and fill you with the energies of power, pleasure, and sovereignty,

  • Guiding you through clarity on your OWN PERSONAL DEFINITION OF A QUEEN”S LIFE - separate from the “shoulds” of society.  It may be very different than what you think it’s supposed to be.  This is getting clear on what your dream life actually is.  It's usually not as far away as you think it is!

  • Healing the 3 core wounds to your sovereignty. The archetypes of the Slave Girl, the Princess, and the wounded Queen, and how living in these wounds blocks you from activating your Sensual Queen.

  • ACTIVATING YOUR INNER KNIGHT and LADY IN WAITING. These core energies that support you being in your Queen.

  • OPENING THE HEART. The Sensual Queen emanates a love light frequency that magnetizes her desires, and heals through her presence.

  • Living and embodying the QUEEN VERSION OF YOU NOW.  Not waiting until you get “there” somewhere in the future to live that life.  Taking a stand for that self now by living into it in your daily habits, rituals, choices, dress, and self care. A Queen’s primary quality is that she is self determining and doesn’t wait for someone else to crown her. You do it NOW.


It’s Time To Claim Your Throne

Join Us In Sensual Queen


What’s included in the course:

  • 6 Weekly Live Video Classes covering all these juicy topics. including a Q&A.   

  • Embodiment Practices in every class plus extra videos and audios for you to use at home and keep for a lifetime. These powerful practices will anchor your sovereignty and inner authority into your physical body and energy field

  • A Sister Support Pod- If you choose, we will  partner you up with one or more women to receive support and share the experience with.

  • An Online Community of women all focused on upgrading their life and living into the archetype of the Queen - Being in the collective field of feminine energy and power raises the individual.  We thrive and grow together.  You will be able to connect with one another in our secret Facebook group.

  • Plus extra "Secret" Bonus Teachings with special guest teachers


Week One: Envision Your Queen Get connected to and collectively share with the circle YOUR unique vision of the Queen. Be witnessed in owning your dreams and claiming your Queendom.

  • Owning your dream and vision

  • The Slave Girl vs The Queen

  • Identifying sabotaging and disempowering behaviors

  • Creating Your Sensual Queen Statement


Week Two: Embody Your Queen Deep focus on your body. Clearing out anything that’s feeding off of you so you can be clear and bright and really hear your inner instincts.

  • Food, Supplements, Cleansing

  • Yoni Steaming

  • Opening hips and thighs. Claiming space

  • Dancing

  • Accessing the womb throne

  • Embodiment practices


Week Three: Fill your chalice. A Sensual Queen has a cup that runneth over with joy, pleasure and the frequency of abundance.

  • Filling your inner reserves with pleasure, the Queen’s fuel

  • Prioritizing pleasure and sensation

  • Your Lady In Waiting

  • The Art of Receiving Royally

  • Queening in Your Relationships .


Week Four: Strengthen Your Knight, To be sovereign and in your power means to be trusting your own inner authority and not allowing anything else to interfere. The Queen must feel safe and protected.

  • Boundaries and Border Protection.

  • Cutting ties with anything feeding off of you

  • Queening in Your Career

  • The Shadow Queen vs The Sacred Queen

  • Recognizing Internalized Patriarchy and releasing it.


Week Five: Enter the chamber of the heart. A true Queen is led by her heart and she leads others from her heart frequency.

  • Allowing vulnerability as a form of power

  • Receiving energy form your heart

  • Sovereign Service

  • Trusting the frequency of your heart and hearing it’s guidance.


Week Six: Crown Yourself and Stand firmly in your commitment moving forward.

  • Making a firm commitment to holding your Queen state after our time is done.

  • Crafting your maintenance plan moving forward

  • Sacred Anointing Ritual and Royal Proclamation of Sensual Sovereignty


I immediately signed up for the Urban Goddess Course. And the course was life changing! It is deep transformation work that awakens you.  I truly believe that coming across her website, or attending her workshop…is not a coincidence.  It is a deep calling within (from the Goddess) to come home, to who you really are. During the  course, I faced fears that were ready to be released. I gained forgiveness and compassion towards others and myself...  I explored my sensuality, and owned it.  I am beyond grateful that I had this experience to dive deeper into myself.  If you are reading this, and you can relate to any of these things you want for yourself. Know that it’s calling you to show up. I was in your shoes, and I’m so glad that I answered the call.

Erica Dugas, Founder of My Meditation Studio, Los Angeles


I wish I could give the Urban Goddess class as a gift to every woman I know. The class helped me awaken parts of myself that I had forgotten existed or I had completely turned off as a result of living a full and busy life in NYC. I was going through the motions of my life but completely feeling disconnected and burned out. Amanda helped me find a more balanced and joyful way to live – a freer, fiercer, more feminine, sexier, and empowered ME. She taught me how to harness the powers that I had buried deep inside. I feel blessed to have found her and her special work has been life altering. A better version of me emerged, and my friends and family have noticed my energy shift from tired and dull to glowing, buoyant and exuberant.”

Preeti Mattoo, Director Of Engagement, Awear Fashion, and loving mother of 3, NYC  


Sensual Queen Includes:

  • 6 Weekly Live Video Classes covering all these juicy topics. including a Q&A.   

  • Embodiment Practices in every class plus extra videos and audios for you to use at home and keep for a lifetime. These powerful practices will anchor your sovereignty and inner authority into your physical body and energy field

  • A Sister Support Pod- If you choose, we will  partner you up with one or more women to receive support and share the experience with.

  • An Online Community of women all focused on upgrading their life and living into the archetype of the Queen - Being in the collective field of feminine energy and power raises the individual.  We thrive and grow together.  You will be able to connect with one another in our secret Facebook group.

  • Plus extra "Secret" Bonus Teachings with special guest teachers



 July 17 - Aug , 2019

(We start on the full moon lunar eclipse! Perfect time for transformation and upgrading!)

6 Consecutive Wednesday evenings

6-7:30 PM PST/ 9-10:30 PM EST

(All classes will be accessed through video conferencing

with a live Q&A,

and recorded and available for replay)


Your Investment


Pay Monthly

3 Payments of $166

Pay in Full



Queen VIP Upgrade

If you are ready to be ALL IN and you thrive with a little extra support and personal attention, or you just have some things that you know will need a deep dive then this is for you. With the upgrade you receive:

Two One on One Phone intensives with Amanda We get to dive deep into your inner world and heal the blocks to owning your feminine power, so we get you rapidly standing in your full sovereignty like the Queen you truly are. ($600 value)

A really sweet care package from me sent to your home. Yes - I want you to have physical connection to ground you into the group so you will receive a package from me that includes a journal, yoni steaming herbs because we are going to be cleansing our womb (our sovereign seat), an anointing oil for our group Queen anointing ritual, and a few other surprises. (priceless)

Over $600 value for $444


About Amanda


Who Am I?

I am a guide and champion for you to be in your instincts and in your body. I am here to help you live a life AWAKE and ALIVE.

I am the cheerleader calling you forth to take the risk, to play big, to bring ALL of you to the table.

I support women who are leaders, visionaries, and innovators to tap into their feminine fuel, to step into their power, and to uncover their true genius. My deepest passion is to see you let go of limiting thoughts and identities, to see you prosper in your feminine energy AND make the biggest impact with your unique vision and genius.

I know what it’s like to have BIG things move through me, and to question whether I can rise to meet it. I know the pain of feeling like maybe I will NEVER allow my potential to be realized. I know the dark nights of the soul that every female leader must go through in order to offer her gifts.

I’ve gone deep into my own journey to unwind limiting labels and identities, to uncover my true self, and live a life led from my feminine instincts, body & soul, so I can support you in doing the same. Because that is what true sovereignty is - it is FREEDOM to be YOU FULLY.


Can this really change my whole life?

YES- Because we are focusing on a core wound which is contributing to disfunction in all areas of your life.   In these 6 weeks we will be going right to the source and making fundamental shifts in how you experience your life. We will be working  on your mind, your spirit, and your body all at once.  I have helped hundreds of women to make massive shifts which have sent them on a different trajectory.  Out of pain and suffering and into becoming who they are truly meant to be.  I'd love to see this for you too!  xxAmanda


But don’t just take my word for it.

Hear from women who have taken my courses


Through the weekly calls, and the most illuminating + nurturing homework I’ve ever had, Amanda has crafted a course that reminds us of our deep knowing, of the power we as women inherently have… This is the TRUTH of all womankind that you feel in your blood + your bones… This is healing your mind, body + soul in THIS life, at THIS moment. This is about reclaiming your power NOW.  Other courses + books only skim the surface. This course dives deep, creating lasting healing + transformation that you feel in your juicy curves and your fiery soul.  If you want healing, if you want transformation, if you want to reclaim your power and live as a strong, vibrant, sensual woman, WORK WITH AMANDA.   - Karen H,Screenwriter,  Los Angeles


I came to Urban Goddess at a crucial turning point in my life--I had just left an unfulfilling job and was embarking on a journey into self employment. I was full of fear and anxiety around my self worth and my finances. I didn't feel like myself at all. Working with Amanda as a student in her course, I saw major shifts taking place in my life after just one week! Twelve weeks later, I found my faith restored, my self-confidence renewed, and my income increasing. Amanda is genuine, loving, and really knows her shit! I highly recommend getting on board with her. The benefit is infinite.- MECCA, Astrologer, Published Author, NYC,


I truly can't imagine what my life would look like if I had not been guided into Amanda's presence.... Amanda led, guided, supported and loved me up in a way that allowed me to open, heal, let go, and ultimately feel ALIVE for the first time in way too long. Over the course of the program I became stronger and stronger, slowly making time for me, showing up and committing to ME and taking care of me. My life shifted. It was profound, fun, intense….. Amanda has a gift. And I feel so grateful she shared that gift with me. I graduated from Urban Goddess supported, held, seen, heard, validated and connected. I felt SO ALIVE! I was having a beautiful love affair with my life again and with my partner too.”

_Tamara Iglesias, Founder of Wellynest, Conscious Parenting Coach


Experience the power of Sensual Queen for yourself

We Start Wed. July 17th, 2019

(on the full moon lunar eclipse!)

6 Consecutive Wednesdays 6-7:30pm Pacific

Your Investment


Pay Monthly

3 payments of $166

Pay In Full


Queen VIP Upgrade $444


Upon completing the Urban Goddess program, I finally feel like I understand self-love and the meaning of lightheartedness. We are here on this earth to connect with and love one another, and it’s not possible to do that fully until we are in love and connected with ourselves. Through Amanda’s nurturing guidance, wisdom and many tools and practices, I evolved my spirit closer to the divine feminine. I feel more alive in my true nature with raw creative expression! I believe Amanda’s teachings are vitally important for bringing balance to the masculine and feminine in our world. I am on this Urban Goddess journey for the long haul and look forward to sharing these gifts with many other women in the future.  

-Kara Dake, Founder of the F.I. (Female Intelligence), and the FeelTank app



This is where we’re going, sister, and you’re not going to get there by being in your head. You’ve got to EMBODY it!


Your inner throne is in your hips, your womb, your sensual feminine center.

We will be spending some time getting you acquainted with THIS kind of unapologetic ownership… QUEEN!


To embody the Sensual Queen is to energetically claim ownership of all that is under your domain without apology and in your pleasure.

“Ownership” - is something You feel in your belly and your hips, How you move through space. Do you move through space like you “own it”?