Prosperous Goddess HQ

Hello Beauty- this is where you will find all of the recordings for classes

plus extra audio and video surprises. 


Class 1: Foundations

In this class we set the stage for the process of Prosperous Goddess. We learn the first two Prosperity Practices.  Do a simple breathing practice to open up our receiving capacity, clarify our prosperous vision and awaken Oshun's magical honeypot.  Enjoy!



Prosperity Practice 1: Essential Oil Protocol





Shakti Breathing Practice



Class 2 : Embody Prosperity

This week is focused on becoming Prosperity incarnate.   We focus on practices to retrain our nervous system, and inner biology to a prosperous frequency on a cellular level.  We also work with Hindu Goddess Lakshmi.


Prosperity Practice 1 Part 2

When you are ready to go to the next level - you can add tapping through the chakras after you do the inhalation with the essential oil.  (Although I say "I am willing to change" outlaid in the video, you can say it silently to yourself.  You don't need to speak the words outlaid.  I just did it to demonstrate hat my inner voce would be saying silently.)


Class 3 :  Fierce Feminine Focus

In this weeks class we learn about the Warrior Goddess and how she can be a great ally and support for our inner Prosperous Goddess.  Special Guest teacher Rana Wilson guides us through some ways to bring our feminine into our finances, and even make spread sheets fun.


Class 4: Becoming Prosperity through Behaviors, Rituals, and Structures

In this weeks class  we spent time exploring how to collapse the perceived distance of space and time between our current state and our Prosperous Vision.  We looked at how our daily activities, rituals, dress all reflect and also impact our sense of self, our beliefs and can therefor either bring us closer to experiencing that prosperous reality in the ever-present timeless NOW, or trap us into an experience of separation and distance from our true nature and our desired vision.


Prosperity Check Book Exercise



3 Part Journalling Practice


Class 5: Sex Magic!

In this week's class we explore how to harness our sexual energy for our prosperous visioning process.




Bonus Video: Interview with Expert Eva Clay about Sex Magic!

Eva Clay knows about Sex Magick!  This is what she lives and teaches.  Here we have an intimate talk about how to use this practice in our life.  And she talks about the stuff that makes fireflies light up and how that's a part of our sex magic process.



Prosperous Goddess Class 6: Bringing It All Together and What's Next?

In this weeks class we revisit our intentions and acknowledge everything that's manifested in the weeks since beginning the course, as well as set intentions for the future.  We also explore the Compassionate Goddess archetype and her place in the manifestation process.  


Bonus Video: Interview with Kara Dake

Excited to share with you Kara Dake, Urban Goddess grad and founder of the Feminine Intelligence and the FeellTank app.  A casual conversation about Femine economics, women in the tech world, and cryptocurrencies.  and