Prosperous Goddess HQ

Hello Beauty- this is where you will find all of the recordings for classes

plus extra audio and video surprises. 


Class 1: Foundations

In this class we set the stage for the process of Prosperous Goddess. We learn the first two Prosperity Practices.  Do a simple breathing practice to open up our receiving capacity, clarify our prosperous vision and awaken Oshun's magical honeypot.  Enjoy!



Prosperity Practice 1: Essential Oil Protocol





Shakti Breathing Practice




Class 2 : Embody Prosperity

This week is focused on becoming Prosperity incarnate.   We focus on practices to retrain our nervous system, and inner biology to a prosperous frequency on a cellular level.  We also work with Hindu Goddess Lakshmi.


Prosperity Practice 1 Part 2

When you are ready to go to the next level - you can add tapping through the chakras after you do the inhalation with the essential oil.  (Although I say "I am willing to change" outlaid in the video, you can say it silently to yourself.  You don't need to speak the words outlaid.  I just did it to demonstrate hat my inner voce would be saying silently.)


Class 3: Becoming Prosperity through Behaviors, Rituals, and Structures

Will be available April 26