Dear Woman,

This is your time

Time to stop pretending you don't know

Time to admit what you really want

This is your time to be the way shower

Time to hold your sex in your hand and have no shame

Time to let out a wild howl, a rebel yell, a passionate cry of hot and holy feminine fire

Time to stand your ground and draw a line in the sand

This is your time to dance and sing and live your life as your prayer

Each moment a potent 

heart beat into the NOW

Your tears are the balm,

Your voice is the call that the world so desperately needs

This is the time to surrender to HER

SHE has been calling you. 

No more silencing her call with the drone of the television, internet shopping, 

late night credit card, cocktails, mocktails,

lip gloss, magazines with hypnotic skinny jeans, 

low rise, high rise, mani-pedi, speed-dating, 

marinating slowly in the sea of mediocrity

You were born for more

You chose this life to BE HERE NOW


To be the one we have all been waiting for

The YOU who knowingly smiles, wielding flowers and flame, as she

opens the door and steps into the womb of the great unkown

This is your destiny

Please stop pretending

NOW is the time

SHE is calling 



with fierce love,