The Feminine Prosperity Plan: Learn How to Thrive and Prosper in Your life without Burning Out

Disconnection to your feminine energy and prosperity on a deep cellular level is the number one problem you most likely have, and don't even realize.

You've been told that to be successful and make money you need to push, and force.  You keep holding off on your pleasure, and play time.  Waiting until you "make it".  When things slow down in the future...  In the meantime, you're collapsing on your couch at night in front of netflix with a bag of cheetos.  And then getting up the next day to start the grind again...

You're letting your masculine energy guide you, but not trusting you feminine, which is why you burn out when you go after your goals.



I used to live that way too...

Until I discovered a new way of living.  

A way of living that prioritizes my inner state of being above all else.  A way of being that is delicious, succulent, and firing on all cylinders.

If you'd like to learn how to HAVE it all without having to DO it all, then Feminine Prosperity is your number one priority.

The real feminine revolution is coming when we begin to TRUST the FEMININE within ourselves.  As women step into the TRUE feminine experience and embodiment of prosperity, the world will be healed on a deep level.  


Join me to learn how to experience a truly prosperous life without the burn out and exhaustion.  And step into your role as an empowered FEMININE leader.

Wednesday, March 28th 6pm PST / 9pm EST  This is a Virtual Training which you can participate in from anywhere in the world.

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In this 90 Minute Training You Will Learn:

  • How to magnetize your desires instead of running after them or trying to force them

  • Why Prosperity is the most important priority in your life

  • How the Prosperous frequency affects every area of your life including relationships, career, and creativity.

  • Physical Practice to help you connect to your feminine energy and the frequency of Prosperity ANYTIME

  • Tools to help you be in your feminine energy and allow prosperity and abundance to magnetize to you

  • The 3 Core Feminine Prosperity and Money Wounds

  • The 3 Corresponding Feminine Powers to heal the wounds

  • How to become an energetic match to the higher level that you are ready to step into

  • How to hear the voice of your feminine intuition speaking through your body

  • I will also be sharing information about my upcoming 6 week Prosperity Masterclass for the Conscious Woman


"If you want healing, if you want transformation, if you want to reclaim your power and live as a strong, vibrant, sensual woman, WORK WITH AMANDA" - Karen H, Los Angeles

About Amanda:


About Amanda 

Founder of Urban Goddess


Amanda Young, Founder of Urban Goddess

Amanda, has dedicated her professional life to supporting  women who are called to be leaders of the new paradigm by sharing tools to unlock their feminine frequency and fierce power. 

You cannot be a strong feminine leader and make your proper contribution to the world from a place of survival, and disconnect to your own inner feminine energy.

This is the time of the woman, and we can only be a guide for the  feminine to rise on the planet once we allow her to rise and be healed within ourself first.

Urban Goddess is a sanctuary for your feminine soul, and a space to fill up your tank with feminine fuel.