When you enroll in the Hot & Holy Program, a donation will be made in your honor to one of the 3 organizations listed below.  You decide which project you want to support.


  1. Malala Foundation. - In many countries around the world, women are denied the right to an education because of oppressive religious beliefs, poverty, and outdated traditions.  In many cases young girls are forced into early marriages at the age of 9 or 10 years old, or forced to work in manual labor jobs to support their families.  Studies show that when women are educated, and are able to assume positions of power in a village, that the whole community benefits.  Click here to learn more about the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner ever, Malala Yousafzai.  A donation to her organization supports girls education worldwide. https://www.malala.org
  2. Tree Sisters -  The absence of feminine leadership has led to a pillage and rape of our earths natural resources, which has our world headed rapidly towards ecological catastrophe.  Tree Sisters brings women together to plant trees, in order to help us rebuild the rainforest, and heal our ecosystem. http://www.treesisters.org
  3.  Maiti Nepal-     It’s painful to contemplate that every day there are young girls, (as young as 7 years old sometimes) who are violently abused, raped, and sold into sex trafficking.  Lifting a hand to our less fortunate sisters is vitally important in healing this deep wound to the feminine. Maiti Nepal is devoted to ending sex trafficking and supporting victims of sexual abuse, childhood prostitution, and sex trafficking.  http://www.maitinepal.org/index.php