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Are you a visionary female leader?

Meet these graduates of the Embodied Feminine Leadership Curriculum


Would you like to

Lead from your heart,

your womb,

and your feminine instincts …

becoming a

succulent, luscious, radiant woman

who thrives in every area of her life without burning out?

And from there offer your gifts to the world

with elegance, ease, grace,

and searing potency?


 Then read on...


 Connecting To Your Feminine Energy And Power

Is Your Top Priority


You are part of a powerful revolution which is taking place, and now is the time to step up and claim your role and your life promise fully without apologizing. This is what becoming an embodied feminine leader is all about. It’s about understanding that the words feminine and powerful belong together, and to integrate them into your life and in your body.


The rise of the feminine is not simply about more women coming into roles of leadership and power, but rather for us to come to a healthy honoring of the feminine within, and deeply understand and EMBODY that POWER. 

It is from there that we as women make the biggest impact, lead with the most pioneering and beneficial vision, and as an extra bonus, it is from there that we get to experience our best life. In this 12 week mastery course, you will be introduced to the 3 faces of your feminine power.

As new paradigm female leaders - we actually have to learn what Feminine Power truly is.  We have no models.

And that is why this course is devoted to immersing you in a model for feminine power that is based on Ancient divine feminine wisdom that is timeless and contains eternal truths about what it means to be a woman and to own your power.

It is my mission to support you in both magnifying your impact AND even more importantly to help you to step into your best life on a personal level.  


As An Embodied Feminine Leader You WIll :

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  • Attract things to YOU instead of  pushing, forcing, chasing after things, and depleting yourself.

  • Stop Working So Hard and Get More Done

  • Feel Soft, Beautiful, Yummy, and Love Being in Your Body

  • Ooze power simply by walking in a room and standing there. 

  • Place down Boundaries like a MoFo

  • Trust Yourself - Really - Like actually trust that little voice inside

  • Speak Your Truth Without Apologizing for it (To Anyone)

  • Attract Allies and Support To You Like Bees to Honey

  • Let your Feminine Gut Instincts guide you (Actually Your Womb Instincts - But We'll get to that later)

  • Have More Fun While You are "Saving The World" with Your kick Ass Mission

  • Feel Reborn, Like You have tons of energy, and like You have a Full Cup

  • Rock in Both Your Personal Life and Your Professional Life At the Same Time. (Yes it's possible!)

  • Love Yourself (For Real- I know it's a cliche, but it really happens for women in this course)

  • Feel Magical and Witchy in the Best Way Possible


This is how you are meant to lead!

From an overflowing and luscious Cup!

Are You Ready?


I never thought I'd say it, but through this goddess work, I feel like I'm becoming not just a more whole woman, but I'm also becoming a better leader for my team — through my groundedness, a clearer connection to my intuition, a greater tolerance for discomfort, and my ability to just be present with whatever is going on. Here's to unexpectedly wonderful "quantum" outcomes!”- Faith Meyer Yung, Chief Operations Officer, NYC


I invite you to Join us in

The Embodied Feminine Leadership Immersion:  

A 12 week Divine Feminine Masterclass 


This is perfect for you if:

  • You are a Business Owner, Founder, CEO, or high level exec. currently in a role of leadership, and you are looking to discover how to balance this kind of responsibility and focus with being in your feminine energy, so that you can experience more pleasure, joy, romance, and overall work-life balance.  

  • You are a creative, holistic minded, visionary with big ideas, looking to step more into your personal, power and start actualizing your dreams in real, practical material ways.  You are ready to step into your most epic leadership possible, and want to make sure that you continue to let your feminine energy flourish and guide you.

  • You are in a moment of transition and a new chapter is calling that requires being more connected to your intuition, more connected to your feminine energy, more in your power, more grounded spiritually, and you are looking for tools, mentorship, and a supportive community to hold you in this transformational time.


What’s included in the course:


  • 12 weekly live video classes covering all these juicy topics. including a Q&A.   

  • Audio and Videos with exercises and practices for you to use at home in your own time

  • A Sister Support Pod- If you choose, we will  partner you up with one or more women to receive support and share the experience with.

  • An online community of trail blazing women all focused on mastering feminine power and leadership - Being in the collective field of high vibes raises your individual frequency.  We thrive and grow together.  You will be able to connect with one another in our secret Facebook group.

  • Plus extra Bonus Teachings with special guest teachers and much more!


"I wish I could give the Urban Goddess class as a gift to every woman I know. The class helped me awaken parts of myself that I had forgotten existed or I had completely turned off as a result of living a full and busy life in NYC. I was going through the motions of my life but completely feeling disconnected and burned out. Amanda helped me find a more balanced and joyful way to live – a freer, fiercer, more feminine, sexier, and empowered ME. She taught me how to harness the powers that I had buried deep inside. I feel blessed to have found her and her special work has been life altering. A better version of me emerged, and my friends and family have noticed my energy shift from tired and dull to glowing, buoyant and exuberant.”

Preeti Mattoo, Director Of Engagement, Awear Fashion, and loving mother of 3, NYC  





WEEK 1  Come home to your physical body.  

  • Committing to Embodiment and Presence

  • Living in Alignment

  • Simple Detox practices

  • Breath work for grounding

  • Creating a morning ritual



Before we introduce you to the  3 faces of your feminine power we spend a couple weeks preparing you by clearing your body, your home, and 


WEEK 2   Create Sacred Space in Your Home.   

  • Focus on Your Inner World and Environment versus your public personae and external validation (Igniting the Sacred Flame within Goddess Hestia)

  • Simple home clearing practices

  • Focus on creating a personal creative altar space

  • Introduction to the 3 faces of your feminine power




Your deepest power as a woman lies in the places you have been most shamed and guilted around.   Your sexuality, sensuality, wild feminine instincts, your rage, your grief, your darkness, your fierce truth telling, and your ability to be vulnerable, and deeply love and feel are gifts and powers, not to be embarrassed, shamed or covered up, but to own, embody and celebrate.  THIS is the true rise of the feminine.  As you integrate these aspects of yourself, you connect to vitality, inspiration and power.  You become a true feminine leader of the new paradigm.  The next 9 weeks are devoted to reconnecting you to these parts of yourself. Giving you permission to be YOU.



Your sensual goddess energy is an ally for you in every facet of your life, and an important part of your leadership.  No more covering up or shaming your sensual self.   She holds the keys to rejuvenation, life force energy, pleasure, making life worth living, feeling yourself electrically alive, pulsating, vibrant, turned on, inspired, creative, and like a WOMAN with a capital W!  From here you inspire others, you magnetize your desires, you love the moment you are living in, and allow pleasure to infuse every area of your life.  This energy fills your tank.


WEEK 3  Open to your Erotic Innocence  

  • Permission to Be Fully plugged in and turned on

  • The Power of Your Yes

  • Receiving Support

  • Full Focus on Your Pleasure

  • Immersing into the Now

Goddess Power: Aphrodite

WEEK 4  Unleash the positive powers of sacred seduction 

  • Filling Up Your Tank with Pleasure

  • Your Sensuality as a Superpower that serves the world

  • Using Magnetism to get what you want with ease

  • Activating Your Magical "Honey Pot" to draw support like bees to honey.

Goddess Power: Oshun

WEEK 5  Master Magnetism and Attract Prosperity with your feminine energy

  • Prosperity and it’s connection to your sexual energy

  • Personalizing your prosperity consciousness

  • Sensual self care rituals to increase your magnetism

Goddess Power: Lakshmi



The Warrior Goddess helps you to be unashamed and unapologetic as the Fierce, Fiery, Truth Telling, Galvanizing, and Inspiring Leader you truly are.  She invites you to embrace all your colors including the wild, dark, and untamable parts of yourself as a fundamental key to becoming the most potent leader possible. 

There are treasure troves of unique gifts and untapped energy which you’ve hidden because you thought they were “Too much” for the world.  You are definitely not too much.  Integrating the fierce face of your feminine power is the key to living in alignment with your truth, letting yourself run at your full gait, and expressing your full power without shrinking or apologizing. 



WEEK 6  Embrace the force and direction of your personal vision and goals.

  • Feeing Your Gut Instincts

  • Harmonizing Assertive Masculine Direction with Feminine Womb Centered Lunar Side

  • Tuning Into the Moon / balancing Solar and Lunar energies and power

  • Activating the Womb

Goddess Power: Artemis


WEEK 7  Speak Your deepest Truth

  • Activating Your Voice

  • Speaking Your Truth

  • Placing Down Boundaries with ease

  • Being OK saying No to others

  • Harnessing Anger For Transformation

  • Principles of Transformation

    Goddess Power: Durga


WEEK 8  Merge with your Shadow and embracing the power of your wild woman

  • Unleash Your Wild Side,

  • Embrace Your Inner Bitch

  • Merge with your Shadow to tap into hidden reserves of power and energy

  • Shadow Meditation

  • Non duality/ Non judgment as a leader

    Goddess Power: Kali and Oya



Discover how to guide and lead in your life with your heart wide open. This is the final frontier of your feminine leadership. Your free, open, compassionate, loving heart is your biggest asset as a leader. When others can feel your heart, they are drawn to you and galvanized behind your vision and your desires, in both your professional and personal life.    The Compassionate Goddess invites you to embrace vulnerability as a strength, encourages you to be gentle with yourself, and surrender to allow a higher power to move through you.  She will help you to soften in order to experience more heartfelt intimacy and connection in all of you personal relationships.  You will feel the power of a higher force guiding your actions, and easily draw in support.  She will guide you on the gentle path to success where you rely less and less on your own personal push and drive, and lean into the support all around you in the forms of other people as well as divine energies.


WEEK 9  Self Love

  • Opening Your Heart to YOU

  • Moving through Shame to find self love

  • Practices for Compassion and Gentleness towards Yourself

  • Learn How to Let Your Heart Lead  

Goddess Power: Kuan Yin


WEEK 10  Surrender

  • Your vulnerability as your strength

  • Surrendering the need to control

  • Learning to manifest gently through the subtle energy field instead of pushing and forcing

  • Asking for support and softening to receive

    Goddess Power: Mother Mary


WEEK 11  Integration

  • Integrating your softness and strength

  • Harmonizing your heart energy with your sexual energy

  • Feeling the strength of your heart

    Goddess Power: Isis 



Activating the Divine Feminine Leader Within You


WEEK 12 Bringing it into the world and keeping the momentum going

  • Learn Practices you can do everyday to activate and harmonize all 3 faces of your feminine power.

  • Learn practical ways to keep the momentum going and continue to embody your feminine leadership.


I immediately signed up for the Urban Goddess Course. And the course was life changing! It is deep transformation work that awakens you.  I truly believe that coming across her website, or attending her workshop…is not a coincidence.  It is a deep calling within (from the Goddess) to come home, to who you really are. During the  course, I faced fears that were ready to be released. I gained forgiveness and compassion towards others and myself...  I explored my sensuality, and owned it.  I am beyond grateful that I had this experience to dive deeper into myself.  If you are reading this, and you can relate to any of these things you want for yourself. Know that it’s calling you to show up. I was in your shoes, and I’m so glad that I answered the call.

Erica Dugas, Founder of My Meditation Studio, Los Angeles


Embodied Feminine Leadership Includes:

12 Weekly Live Video Classes with Q & A

Additional Audio and Videos for you to use at home in your own time

Private Facebook Group

Buddy System for Support

& An incredible community of trail blazing women

-all focused on mastering feminine power and leadership



 Autumn 2019 TBA

(All classes will be accessed through video conferencing

with a live Q&A,

and recorded and available for unlimited replay)


Through the weekly calls, and the most illuminating + nurturing homework I’ve ever had, Amanda has crafted a course that reminds us of our deep knowing, of the power we as women inherently have.  Our sensuality, our strength + our compassion are our birthrights as women, and they contain so much power that our world strips them away from us at every opportunity.  This Course gives them back. This isn’t heady, lofty spiritualism. This is the TRUTH of all womankind that you feel in your blood + your bones. This isn’t about attaining some unreachable ideal. This is healing your mind, body + soul in THIS life, at THIS moment. This is about reclaiming your power NOW.  Other courses + books only skim the surface. This course dives deep, creating lasting healing + transformation that you feel in your juicy curves and your fiery soul.  If you want healing, if you want transformation, if you want to reclaim your power and live as a strong, vibrant, sensual woman, TAKE THIS COURSE.  Your sisters – and the world – are waiting."  - Karen H, Screenwriter,  Los Angeles


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Do you like being a part of a tribe, but also really thrive with some one on one attention? If you do something, do you like to dive in fully and make sure you get the most out of it? I’ve got you covered.


4 private one hour sessions with me ($1200 value)

Welcome Package and swag bag including a gold journal, printed course book, a collection of my favorite beauty and self care items, special teas to support you for each portion of the course

Plus One personal check in session with me scheduled for one month after the class ends to support you as you implement the practices on your own

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