Class One: Foundation Practices

Divine Feminine - Why the Goddess

Dietary/ Simple Cleansing Practices

Start of Your Feminine Based Spiritual Practice:

  1. Movement

  2. Shakti Breathing

  3. I AM Statement


Shakti Breathing


Morning Practice 1

Including Kitty Cat Style Sun Salutations


Audios of Shakti Breathing


Class 2

  • Feminine Spirituality as Presence and Embodiment

  • Creating Sacred Space in the Home

  • Altar Creation

  • Hestia Greek Goddess of the Heart and Homelier


Class 3

Introduction to the Sensual Goddess and Aphrodite

  • Including Sensual Eating Practice

  • and Sacred Body Blessing and Awakening.


Class 4: Oshun

  • Sacred Seduction

  • Magical Honey Pot

  • Your Relationship to Your Pussy

Sacred Body Blessing Audio

Yoni Cave Meditation Audio


Class 5: Lakshmi

Prosperity Consciousness and Your Sensual Energy

  • How do you define Prosperity Personally?

  • Beauty Rituals

  • CheckBook exercise

  • Lakshmi Visualization and Embodiment


Lakshmi visualization and meditation.

Get yourself someplace cozy and comfy for this.


Class 6:

Introduction to the Warrior Goddess and Artemis

  • How do you know you need the warrior goddess?

  • Artemis and her connection to the wild feminine, the moon, the womb, and goal direction and manifestation

  • Beginning Transformation

  • Breathing and moving to awaken the warrior goddess


Womb Meditation Audios



Class 7: Durga

  • Truth

  • Cutting Through Illusions

  • Boundaries

  • Detoxing Cleansing & Looking at Addictions


Principles Of Transform Energy Part 1

Steps to take in order to truly transform an area of your life and stop repeating old patterns.

Steps 1-7


Principles Of Transform Energy Part 2

Steps 8-12


Class 8 Kali and the Shadow

  • Transformation and death of the old

  • Non duality

  • Embracing darkness and shadow

  • Wild Feminine movement and embodiment


Shadow Visualization Audio: Highly recommend doing this again separate from the class.


Class 8: Compassionate Goddess Intro and Kuan Yin

  • Connecting to the Heart

  • Forgiveness Meditation

  • Exercises for Self Love

  • Tapping into the Current of Unconditional Love


Audio of Forgiveness Meditation


Class 10: Mother Mary


Class 11 : Isis

  • Heart Opening Embodiment

  • Isis Meditation

  • Integration of the Sexual, the Fierce, and the Compassionate Goddess

  • Trusting Your Vulnerability


Class 12: (Remember To Bring Roses)

  • Embodiment Integration

  • Harmonizing Womb and Heart

  • I AM Statements

  • Rose Petal Annointing Ceremony