The Wonder Woman Myth

I'm SO excited to see the Wonder Woman movie this weekend!

I have been WAITING for this movie to come out for months.  Every time I watch the trailer I tear up a little (ok- actually sometimes ALOT!)  

I am so touched by the story and I feel a little bit like I am watching a vision that comes from where I really come from.  The land of the Amazons.  The land of the Goddesses.  The land of powerful, magical women.  


I even feel I am watching the story of myself.  The story of a woman with a destiny.  A woman who is dedicated to helping to heal the world.  A woman who has made the choice to risk the safety of her childhood home and familiar surroundings, in order to serve a higher purpose for mankind.  


To see this character wielding her sword and shield, and lasso of truth;  Owning her power fully; a  Sexy and powerful warrioress -   I feel like I am dropped into a deep remembrance of my own power and mission.  


I know I am not alone in the kinds of feelings I have.


Do you feel this way too?


If you are also a woman who feels called by a mission, you may also see yourself in Wonder Woman.


There are MANY women incarnated on the planet at this time who also feel called with a special purpose and mission.  Most of the women who work with me either privately or in my group programs are what I call “Modern Priestesses”.  Women who have some sort of special feeling of purpose and mission.  Women who know that they also have “magical” powers.  Women who perhaps were Priestesses, Witches, Queens, Sorceresses, and Super heroines in a past life.


I’ve always seen the work I do, as essentially holding space and offering the tools for women to step fully into owning their power and the purpose in a feminine way.  Basically like a Modern Priestess training ground.


But I’ve noticed that often when women first come to me that are called on this path that they show up in pain and struggle because they are living in what I call the “Wounded Wonder Woman.” 


When we think we are wonder woman, we can tend to push ourselves really hard.  We think of ourselves as being invincible, and bullet proof, however what can end up happening is that we can deplete ourselves majorly.  We can forget to take in, to nurture ourselves, to fill up our tank.


I have seen this way too many times with women I’ve worked with.  They’re not actually able to show up as the true super heroine they could be because they’re exhausted, frazzled, wound up tight, undernourished, overworked.  And I've been there myself!!


When we don’t fill up our tank and we keep trying to show up as wonder women it aint pretty.


These are a few of the symptoms of living as a Wounded Wonder Woman:


  • adrenal fatigue
  • burn out
  • exhaustion
  • lack of inspiration
  • low libido
  • anxiety
  • depression


We need to balance our energies.  We need to fill up our tank.  We need to RECEIVE.  


The myth is that wonder woman can just keep being a giver, keep on being the heroine, keep onshowing up for everyone else, keep on saving the world without needing anything in return.  Without needing to receive.


The Wounded Wonder Woman is a woman stuck on output.

And honestly there is a bit of arrogance and control that is contributing to this situation.  When we are on the wounded wonder woman trip, we think the world needs us, or the family needs us, or the business needs us, and we are the only one who has the answer.  the only one who can do it right.


We’re afraid of being vulnerable.  We;re afraid of asking for help.  We’re resistant to delegating.  We want to control all of the details.


And that shield can create a kind of inpenetrable field around us.  A kind of armor or that won’t let anyone in.  That won’t let us be supported.

If you really want to show up and give your gifts to the world in the most beneficial way.  If you want to truly feel kick ass and in your power as a woman, you myst learn to nourish yourself and receive. 

You must learn to allow yourself to be supported.

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