Beyonce and the Goddess

Last Sunday night at the Grammy’s Beyonce gifted the world with a transmission of divine feminine energy.  For those of us that got it, it was undeniable, and it was making a statement to let the world know that the Rise of the Feminine is still very much alive despite the fact that we now have a commander in chief in the US that seems to want to turn the bus around and take us back to a time of oppression for women and persons of color.

The Rise is still in full swing!

Every time I watch the performance I tear up.  Something deep inside my feminine heart is stirred, and I can feel the presence of HER, the great mother Goddess.  It’s like a great coming home that we have been waiting lifetimes for.  Mama is Back!  (to see the performance if you missed it, click here)

Beyonce conjured up two specific forms of the Goddess by embodying both the Sensual African Goddess Oshun, and also the great Compassionate Mother Goddess energy of Mother Mary. 


Dressed all in yellow and adorned in gold at the beginning of the performance she conjured up Oshun, who is the African Yoruban Orisha and Goddess of the sweet waters of the flowing rivers.  She is the Goddess of Sensuality, Love, Beauty, Fertility, Seduction.  She always dresses in yellow, and has a mirror in her hand.  Oshun knows she is gorgeous, and is not shy about primping and admiring herself.  She also has a honey pot that she keeps tied around her waist, which she can cast magical spells out of.  I think her honey pot is my favorite characteristic of hers!  What a great metaphor for the magical powers of our feminine sexual energy.  I think she is a Goddess very natural for Beyonce to embody.

Although Oshun’s presence was undeniable, she also conjured up the deep compassionate energy of Mother Mary with her golden halo and crown of glory.  Because Mother Mary, the virgin has been robbed of her sexuality in the Christian tradition, it is incredibly healing for women to connect to this deeply compassionate and heart centered mother energy while also feeling her sexuality fully in blossom.  This is the healing transmission that our world needs right now.  A fusion of the sacred "pure" feminine with the sexual embodied feminine.

With the sound of a heart beating inside the womb space in the background, Beyonce used spoken word to convey her message

“Do you remember being born?

Are you thankful for the hips that cracked

the deep velvet of your mother

and her mother

and her mother…..

your mother is a woman

and women like her

cannot be contained”

Isn't this just SO moving??

I feel so grateful for Beyonce using her platform and her visibility to transmit a message and a feminine frequency to our culture at large.  The Goddess is becoming more and more visible in the mainstream, and slowly seeping her way into our cultural consciousness.

Seeing the women in the flowing gowns dancing in unison, the flower petals floating int he air.  The feeling of reverence for the divine feminine.  It felt like Beyonce took us into a priestess temple.

But this was a performance.  A moment that shows us something which we can aspire to. 

This spurs the question, "How do we bring this into our everyday life?"

How can the average woman have that experience that her performance points us toward?

Answering that question is what I have devoted my life to.  Women need to have real live spaces that they can go to feel embraced by the divine mother.  

Women need a temple.  

A Temple is a space where women go to be recharged and to raise their feminine frequency.  This is needed more than ever right now because, it is going to be a collective of women who are able to hold the higher frequency that will help us reach the tipping point which will allow us release the old energy of fear, war, competition, and scarcity consciousness of the wounded masculine paradigm that is dominant right now.

IDo you feel called to be a part of this feminine revolution?  If you are on my mailing list, it's likely that you are meant to play a role.

This means you are being called forth to rise into your full potential,  to remember yourself as a woman of magic, and to hold the frequency with us, sister. And the stakes have gotten too high to allow you to shrink, play small, or retreat from your desitny and your highest potential.  

This is why I am gathering a tribe of awakening women, and opening up a Temple space

Starting very soon I will be hosting a monthly Temple in Los Angeles.  

Please join me Monday, February 27th for a powerful and feminine event where I will announce the details for the new Temple.  Details on events page