How To Light Up the Room With Your Feminine Energy

Your Feminine Power is a Light

Have you ever noticed when a woman walks into a room and "lights it up"? 

What are we really talking about when we say that?  

When a woman is lighting up a room, there is actually a kind of electricity she is emitting.that is attracting and inspiring, and can also make everyone around her feel more alive.

Of course, we all want to be THAT woman!  
Especially if you have an important message you are bringing to the world, or some contribution you are meant to make.  You want to feel noticed, and like your presence is making an impact.

You can try and effort your way into having this sort of effect on people by pushing and "shining", but it will be depleting and exhausting unless you are actually plugged into a deeper energy source that can make that glow be something which is natural and effortless for you.  Something you don't even realize you are doing.

A woman who is radiating in this way is filled with Shakti.

Shakti is a sanskrit word for feminine creative life force energy.  And it also actually means "Goddess".

Shakti is a palpable electric current that you can tap into, and feel illuminate your body and energy field.

Yup! - there is an electricity that you can plug into just like a lamp!

And when you are connected to it, it helps you to feel more alive, energized, beautiful, nourished, and inspired.

How do you harness this energy? 

Imagine you have a brand new shiny lamp.  

You put a lightbulb in, and your turn it on, but it doesn't light up.

What would be the first thing you would check?

You would look to see if it was PLUGGED IN, right?

The same goes for you.  You need to make sure you are plugged in.

What I've discovered in my own life, and as I've been working with so many women over the years, is that when a woman is  connected to her shakti, it is like she is  plugged into the socket.

When you are plugged in, you receive the electric current, and you light up the room.

But most women are running around like lamps that are not plugged in, and don't even realize it.

What does that mean in the real world?

You could be feeling

  • Low energy
  • Lacking inspiration
  • Disconnected to your body and beauty
  • Disconnected to your power
  • Low libido
  • Depressed
  • Stressed out
  • Drained
  • Unsupported
  • Resentful

You basically feel the OPPOSITE of empowered and beautiful.

Anytime you're not plugged into your feminine life force energy, you are kind of like that lamp that can't turn on.  No matter how much you shine your surface, or change your lamp shade.

No matter if you have  your nails done, your hair blown out, expensive clothes, perfect makeup, a worked out body, a Louis Vuitton handbag,.. if you're not plugged into your feminine life force energy, you aren't lighting up the room.

How often are you running around throughout your day, not being plugged into your feminine life force energy?

 Living in your head, disconnected to your body, feeling drained, and unsupported?

And then maybe reaching for something external to fill you up, or to feel more beautiful?  

Not recognizing that the missing ingredient is the electricity.  The life force energy.

Our media and advertising world feeds off of this, and is constantly trying to sell you something that promises to make you feel more beautiful or fulfilled.  A new face cream, a new perfume, lipstick, or handbag.  

Or maybe it's a sugary sweet, a glass of wine, a pharmaceutical to relax you, to balance you out, or give you fuel?

The truth is, that plugging into your Shakti, your feminine creative life force energy, is how you will actually discover that you have the keys to feeling beautiful, empowered and fulfilled right inside you.  And a source of energy and inspiration that can rejuvenate you.

You have access to plug in, and flick that switch on in ANY moment, no matter what's going on in your life.

No matter what is happening in your external reality, you have the power.  

The force is inside you when you know how to

This is the knowledge that I am SO SO SO turned on by, and so eager to share with women.

This is true empowerment.

A gift that you can keep for a lifetime, and a gift to the world.  

Because when you know this, you can become not only a lamp that is illuminating your living room, but a lighthouse which is guiding the world to a new frontier.

Yes- when you are in your feminine power, you become a guide for others simply by your presence, simply by how you radiate your light.

That's my vision for you, and I would LOVE to support you in achieving this.

This is WHY I have created all of my programs.  To help you take your power back!

If you are in LA, I invite you to join me for Awaken Shakti this coming Wednesday nigh tin Venice.  We will light up the room together!

Here is a little at home practice you can do right now to start to plug in.

At Home Quick Practice: Plugging In to Shakti

Just as a lamp has a cord that plugs into the socket to receive the electric current which lights it up, we can drop a cord of connection to the earths core to receive a current of electricity to nourish and light us up.

This practice below is the very beginning of the Shakti practices.  A way for you to get a sense of what it's like to start to "plug in".

Sit in a comfortable seated position on a chair with your feet flat on the ground and your knees bent in a 90 degree angle.

Place your hands gently on your thighs, and close your eyes.

With your eyes closed, start to drop your awareness into your seat.  Notice the parts of your body that are making contact with the seat beneath you, and let yourself melt into the chair, softening the bottoms of your thighs, your butt cheeks, and your pelvic floor.

Begin to draw your awareness into your pelvis and focus on allowing this part of the body to soften.

Draw your attention to your perineum.  This is the energetic point at the center of your pelvic floor.
Don't get trapped in your head trying to find the right point.  Just breathe into this part of your body and notice if you feel a kind of center point.

From this point imagine you are dropping a cord of connection down through the chair beneath you.

Allow the cord to continue to drop through the floorboards beneath you, and then down into the basement of the building you are in.

Allow it to continue to drop into the earth, and start to drop down through deeper and deeper levels of soil, and rock, until ti finally reaches the very center of the earth:  The molten lava shakti filled core..  Allow your cord to wrap itself around this core and begin to imagine that you are breathing this powerful energy up through the cord into your own body.

Slowly breathe and feel the support, and the grounding that this cord brings into your being.  Feel the nourishment that is coming from allowing yourself to plug into the earth shakti.

Take a few moments to just breathe in through this cord, and see your whole being lighting up, and filling with vital feminine nourishment.

When you complete the practice you can move through your day feeling energized and activated, knowing that at anytime, you can drop that cord down again, and plug in.

This is just a very beginning level exercise to get some sense of what it means to plug in.  But I bet even with that you already are starting to feel more resourced and rejuvenated!