A Year Ago We Stepped Into A New Day For Feminine Power


Remember Nov 8, 2016?

Hello Beautiful!.

Exactly a year ago this week I spent a sleepless night tossing and turning with horrible fears and nightmares playing over in my mind.

I laid my head down to sleep in utter disbelief over what had taken place at the polls that day for the Presidential election.  I felt unsafe as a woman with this wounded masculine energy in charge of my country.

I woke up the next morning with a fire in my belly, and I wrote this piece --And Still We Rise :How Trump as President may be the best thing to happen for the Rise of  Feminine Power.

That night in the midst of the horrors playing across my mind, I felt Kali come to me.  Kali is a powerful Hindu Goddess who is a ferocious warrior in cutting through ignorance, and facing shadows headlong.  She is comfortable in the darkness.  She is unafraid to go there.

She whispered in my ear, and said "Don't worry, dear one.  I've got this.  This is part of the Goddesses' plan.  This is going to catalyze a revolution for women, and for feminine power."  

As I heard this, I felt such truth in these words, and I felt ignited with a fierce face of the feminine.  I knew we we're stepping into a new era of feminism.

This time we stepped into one year ago is a time of radical truth telling, and a time for women to step up and own their voice and their power.

And here we are one year later and IT IS HAPPENING!

If Hillary had won that night, we might be under the illusion that we were more emancipated and empowered than we really are.  The shadow face of the wounded masculine paradigm has risen so it can be confronted head on.

In this new day we are stepping forward to be the leaders, and truth tellers that the world needs.

 We understand that it is going to require our participation.

The Women's march, and now the #metoo movement are examples of how we are rising in this new day.  Every day I see more evidence of the crumbling of the old paradigm and the shadow masculine which has dominated for so long.  More predators and abusers being outed every day.  More and more women finding the courage to speak up, and reveal the dark shadows that have been bubbling underneath the surface.  When I feel into this, it brings tears to my eyes to know that we are finally at this moment of truth telling.

I got chills when I watched a video last week of contestants from the Miss Peru pageant, all dressed in glimmering gold, with full make up, and all the visual pageantry we associate with this sort of event, instead of sharing their measurements, sharing the number of women who had been violently abused in their country, and the number of victims of "femicide"  (watch this extraordinary video here)

Each one of us has a responsibility to be a way shower for the new world.

Whether you are a stay at home mother, a film producer, a CEO, or a yoga teacher, you have a role to play. 

You are meant to be a leader by embodying the frequency of the empowered feminine.

Because at this time Women are the Teachers.  We are the way showers.

We cannot hide from our responsibility in this revolution.

This larger movement, this revolution of the feminine which is taking place,  is made up of many, many individual women.

What is needed is for each woman who is meant to be a part of this revolution,  to do the individual work on herself in order to own her power, and to embrace the feminine within, so that she can be guiding and leading from an integrated and healthy, whole expression of the feminine.

How are you relating to the feminine within yourself?  How integrated is your femininity with your power?

As the new feminine leaders and guides, we need to understand what Feminine Power IS.  

Are you antagonistic towards the feminine within yourself?  

Do you have an inner bully that is squelching and maybe even raping the soft, fluid, feminine within you?

I am really excited to be sharing a training next week that will help guide you into a better understanding of what feminine power really is, and how to embrace and love the feminine within you while also holding your strength, and using your voice.

We are a new breed of woman.  

The Goddess Keys are tools to help you unlock this next evolution of the feminine.

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  • How to let go of control and gain more freedom and power
  • How to have more trust in your own instincts
  • How to magnetize your desires instead of running after them or trying to force them
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  • How to spice up your sex life and reconnect to your own sexual desire
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Pretty Awesome sounding, huh?

When I teach this in person, women walk away with perspective shifts that actually have a big impact on the rest of their lives. 

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