#metoo is not a fad.... It has begun



It has begun

It is




and disorganized

There are arguments happening

Fingers pointing

and tears streaming

This is the moment we have all been waiting for

Men and women alike

Mama is back and we’re in for a wild ride

The revolution is not meant to be pretty, organized, and logical.

We may not see immediate improvements

We will most likely see further breaking down


But one thing is clear

It is being brought into the light

No longer allowed to remain in the shadows.

The conversation has begun

I’ve heard criticisms of the #metoo movement.
That it’s not going to change anything

That it’s just another “women’s march”

However, I see the women’s march
and the #metoo phenomenon both as moments we will look back upon 20 years from now, and see as milestones. We’ll see them not as isolated incidents, but rather moments that together were a part of a revolution.

Just as the civil rights movement had many “moments”. 

These are all pearls on the necklace stringing together to create something cohesive which we won’t understand fully and have perspective on until we look back many years later.

Change is upon us

There is a growing dissatisfaction with the status quo.

As a species, we are no longer willing to tolerate the old ways of being.

We are unwilling to tolerate a level of consciousness that sees another person’s sexuality as a commodity to be bought, sold, stolen, grabbed, or controlled.

We are unwilling as a species to tolerate a consciousness which doesn’t see the divine spark in the other and value the living, breathing, sacred magnificence of who they are. Unwilling to continue to ignore the sanctity and sacredness of each individual.

Just as it seems insane to us now that at one time

African people were brought over on boats and sold in broad daylight as a commodity.
Or that there were separate water fountains and bathrooms,

It will one day seem insane to us

That we lived in a world where a child sex trafficking industry made $100 billion annually 

That women were raped molested, and disrespected to the degree that the #metoo movement has shown us is currently happening

That little boys and girls were victims of a movie industry full of pedophiles.

Call me a dreamer if you will, but I believe

We will live into a new way of being










Thank you for all the courageous souls taking part in this conversation.

How are you feeling?  
What would be supportive for you at this time?  
How can I serve you, sister?

I would genuinely love to hear your answers to those questions,


P.S. (I know we still have a long way to go with race issues in this country, and I in no way mean to diminish that by comparing the civil rights movement to this movement)