Are You Allowing Your Feminine Magic To Guide You?


To be in your Feminine is to allow *MAGIC* to be an instrumental force in your life.

Are you allowing the magic to guide


Are you operating primarily out of your mental space, and using only logic and strategy to try and achieve what you want ?

Don't buy into that BS our society is trying to con us into with the masculine bias towards logic and mind!

This will only exhaust and deplete you.
And rob you of your  feminine magic..

Even if you seem to have forgotten your magic lately,
I know that deep inside
you actually do remember how to use your intuition and your desire to create!

It's your feminine birthright.
It's in your DNA.

Below I share 5 steps that can help you stimulate that innate memory

It is in this magical space that
coincidence, and
effortless manifesting

Using magic to manifest in your life means

You actually don't have to figure it all out, and things don't have to make sense

You can be a little naughty

You don't have to play by the "rules" that everyone else is playing by

& You can have way more fun!

I'm not suggesting you throw logic out the window altogether - but I am willing to bet that you could use WAY more magic in your life right now to balance you out.

I've been very consciously aware of using magic to create in my life lately, and it's been very fruitful!  (And fun!)

I had a little experience that I felt would be a perfect example to lay out some steps so you can be have more fun and manifest more rapidly in your own life.

5 Steps to Using Magic to Manifest:

1) Trust Your Instincts and Follow your Desires
2) Believe You are Worthy of your Desires
3) Know that It Doesn't have to make Sense
4) Be Bold & Don't Give up too Easily
5) Listen to the Angels that Appear in Your life to support you

Here's a little story that happened recently that perfectly shows how I used these steps to manifest magically...

I'm here in Tulum, Mexico, and when I planned this trip while I was back in LA, I actually consciously set the intention for it to be magical, and it has certainly been living up to that!

My entire trip from the send off with my special man friend in LA, to forgetting my passport, and the mess up with my ticket that ended up being a blessing to put me on a later flight, - everything has been MAGICAL.   I’ve had interesting synchronicites which have introduced me to new friends, and reconnected me to some interesting soul sisters

There was one simple moment of magical manifestation in particular that stood out as such a good example of how we can harness magic in our lives by following certain steps that I thought I would share.  It's like a simple little microcosm of magical manifestation.

I was planning to stay in Tulum for 2 1/2 weeks but only booked my first two nights before I got here, because I felt like once I got the lay of the land I would have a better sense of where I’d like to stay for the rest of my trip.


I was a little bit nervous because this was my first time traveling in Mexico completely solo.  I chose the first place because I liked that the name was “Mas Amor Por Favor”- More Love Please! - In english.  It just felt like good vibes, and I figured if I trust “love” to guide, I’d be well taken care of. 


When I arrived in town there was no specific address for my lodging.  Just a street name and the crossing streets and a description of the building.  When the taxi brought me to the block I had it drop me off at a very nice looking building that looked like it could possibly be the right place.  


Well- when I saw the building at least I knew I WANTED it to be my place! :)  But then I looked across the street and I saw another building that looked like it better fit her description, but it just didn’t look as nice as this one.


My mind said - “That’s the building across the street that she described in the email”


And my body and soul said - “Yes but I like this place better!  I want to stay HERE”

So i just knocked on the door.  Not even knowing if it was a private residence or a B&B at all.  


I knocked and then I waited a moment and no one came to the door.  

I paused and looked around.  Was thinking of giving up when...


At that exact moment a woman was walking by, and she looked at me and did a knocking motion and said “Con Fuerza!”    Basically she was saying, “Use some force Missy” - if you want to get someone attention in there”  


I believe she was a little angel for me in that moment, because I might have given up when no one had come to the door, and my mind was telling me pretty clearly that the other building across the street was the right place.  


So listening to my angel friend,  I knocked again, this time with some “fuerza”


And then I heard some foot steps, and the door unlocked and opened to reveal a very magical, green garden of Eden with really awesome bohemian chic furniture and a hammock. (100% my vibe and aesthetic)  Ahh!  I KNEW I liked this place! 

And I asked - “Is this my airbnb?”

And she answered me saying that she rents rooms however that she was completely full and not expecting anyone.  



However through conversation,  we discovered that she would be completely open for the rest of my stay starting on the exact day that I finish at my first place.

Hmmm….. magic magic magic…


And then we established that, Yes, the place I had already booked was the one across the street.  


And that place was lovely in it’s own way, but I really didn’t feel comfortable there.  It was an older building.  It felt kind of musty and ok for 2 days, but not somewhere I would want to stay longer term.


So - I am now writing to you from my magical B&B that I discovered by knocking at the door with a little fuerza, even when I kind of knew it wasn’t really my place.  It’s beautiful, elegant, super clean, and brand new construction, with a waterfall shower, luscious green garden out my window, luxurious. And I even got a deal because I’m paying her cash directly.  


Why do I share all of this?  

Because it is a simple example of how we can either be manifesting magically in our lives, or not.  It’s our choice.  

The logical way to book your housing is to search online, read reviews, compare prices etc.  And I have nothing against all of that.  But to use our magic is a process of allowing instinct and desire to guide us, surrendering some of the control to the divine, and letting synchronicity and coincidence play a part.


This little microcosm of manifestation shows us the steps to manifesting, and how to overcome our common roadblocks.



Most often we let our brain and reason guide us.

My brain said that the other place was the right place. 

It was my heart, my gut, and my pussy that said “I don’t care” - I want this to be my place.



We feel like we’re not allowed to have it as good as we really want it.  Some part of us thinks we deserve something a little bit less than what we actually desire.

I could feel a small part of me that might have felt that the other place was more in my budget and that this place was probably out of my budget. But another part said NO- this is the place for me and I'm going to go for it.



We are afraid to push ourselves on others or be “wrong”.  I could feel a part of me say that I was being a bit pushy by knocking on the door of what probably wasn’t my place.  And it wasn't the sensible thing to do.



Even when we do go for what we desire, we still are often too timid, and then give up too soon.  I was on the verge of walking away after my “timid” knocks didn’t get a  result.  It was thanks to my angel that I persisted with more fuerza



As much as I’ve learned to work with my magic, It was actually that woman who “happened” to walk by at that exact moment and give me the push to knock a little harder that let that door open for me.  We all need someone else who can give us a little perspective to see our situation and give us a little guidance.  It might be something that we already know, but somehow we are letting a fear or a weaker voice start to take over rather than the empowered voice.  And sometimes we need someone to remind us.


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