This will change the lives of all women for generations to come...

Mary Magdalene Ushers in the Official Embrace of the Divine Feminine

I don't know if you are aware, but something very significant took place recently that has a profound affect on all women currently alive on the planet, and the generations of women who are to come.  On June 10th Mary Magdalene was officially given her own feast day, and honored as "The Apostle to the Apostles".  She has essentially been "legitimized" by the Catholic church which has more or less held her as a slightly illegitimate step child for thousands of years.

Mary Magdalene is the more human and sexualized counterpart to the transcendent Virgin Mary.  The clean, un-sexual, virginal image of the feminine has been revered as the ultimate symbol of womanhood by the church, while our more human and red blooded Mary has been treated with suspicion, discomfort, and judgement, despite the fact that there are some bold proofs of her importance to Jesus in the Bible

According to the Gnostic scriptures Mary was the most beloved of all of Jesus' disciples and apostles, and was given a lot of special attention above all others.  It is pretty widely believed in many circles that she was Jesus' lover and spiritual partner.  It is also widely held that she was pregnant with their child when he was crucified, and that she fled to France where she raised their daughter.

There is no way for us to know thousands of years later with any certainty exactly what is fact and what is fiction.  What we do know is that she has been a significant figure in the mind and conscience of all familiar with the Christian faith, and that her figure has always been associated with woman's sexuality.  She was often confused with a Mary in the Bible who was a repentant prostitute.  Most biblical scholars agree that his is a different Mary, not Magdalene.  Nonetheless her image in classical painting almost always portrays her naked body, and has strong sexual overtones in it.  

She has been the poster child representing female sexual shame, and discomfort with all things WOMAN for thousands of years.   Although she was the one who stayed by Jesus' side while he was on the cross, and was the one who came to his burial to dress his body and care for him after his death, and was the first one to whom he appeared when he was resurrected, she never received her full recognition within the Catholic church.  That is until NOW.  

The reason for the lack of honor and recognition seems to be based on A) simply the fact that she is a woman, and B) her sexual associations.  

She mirrors the actual experience of shame and discrimination that so many woman have suffered.  First being a second class citizen, not offered the same honors and recognitions as male equals simply because of our gender, and secondly discomfort and shame in relation to our innate sexuality.

For the Pope to right this wrong, and finally honor her at this time is HUGE.  This is something that shifts the very nature of the collective consciousness of the world we live in.  This will be mirrored back in the experience of women world wide for generations to come.

This comes in the same week that President Obama publicly acknowledged the double standard that has been applied to women in regards to their sexuality in comparison to men at the White House Summit on the United State of Women.  “We need to change the attitude that punishes women for their sexuality,” he said on June 14th  “but gives men a pat on the back for theirs.”

It is worthy of taking a moment to pause, and breathe, and take in the incredible significance that 2 men at the helm of two of the largest and most influential institutions in our world both are publicly acknowledging and valuing female sexuality. 

This has personal significance for me because I grew up in a very Christian household, and was quite involved in our church.

I can remember being a teenage girl who felt a strong spiritual calling, and also was present to my own burgeoning sexuality; feeling confused about how to hold these two equally strong passions together inside myself, when everything seemed to pit them at odds with one another.

I can remember wearing my red lipstick  black silk stockings and garters, and dancing in front of my mirror one day,  and then the next being deeply touched as I sat on "the watch" during the weekend between Good Friday until Sunday morning when Christ rose. 

Being alone in that chapel filled with white lilies and candles in the middle of the night, on my knees in prayer, was one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my teenage years.  Understanding that Mary Magdalene was the one who truly kept the watch for Christ during these 3 days and nights, helps me understand even more why I was so moved by that experience.

Mary is the union, she is what helps us bring that sexual nature of ours in to harmony with that spiritual burning and yearning.  She helps us to become whole and integrate again.  She is the truest embodiment of Hot & Holy that I know of.  :-)   I named the Immersion course for Urban Goddess "Hot & Holy" because those words came to me in meditation one day while I was feeling into the sacred union and integration of our sexuality and our spirituality which women are so desperately in need of.  This integration is the healing nectar which we need to experience in order for us to fully step into our power, and embrace all of who we are.
Take a moment this week to celebrate this momentous occasion and Baptize yourself in your holy desire!

Love, Amanda

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