How 10 Goddess Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life

If I could only share one thing that has made the biggest impact in my life, it would be the power of taking time to do some form of morning practice every single day.  The morning practice creates structure around taking time for yourself to get into your body, to ground yourself, and get connected to you true inner voice, and deepest intentions so that you enter into your day from the most empowered, embodied, and grounded place possible.

In truth my practice is usually 30-60 minutes, but in a pinch 10 minutes will do, and it's a great place to start,  

In 10 minutes you can go from scattered and monkey minded to embodied and grounded, from a state of fear and anxiety to a state of trust and surrender. With a specifically feminine practice you can anchor yourself in your pleasure and sensuality so that you can navigate your day by what turns you on, and from a place of juicy, sexy, YES.

My students and clients who begin to just add 10 minutes notice that their whole day is influenced. They feel more beautiful, magnetic, calm, joyful, and like life is just way more easy.

I have begun every single day like this for the past 15 years or more. (Of course I have skipped a few here or there..). To me this is as basic as brushing my teeth or having breakfast.

Most people resist this when its introduced, saying they don't have time. As Tony Robbins has said- "if you don't have 10 minutes for yourself, you have no life".
10 minutes. Everyone can find that in their day.

One woman who has begun to implement her practice stated that she can't believe that she's lived 30 plus years on the planet and not done this. It's no longer an option for her.  Once you get a rhythm and you get used to doing it, you can't go back because you see the benefit!

Since beginning her practice, she received a major promotion at work, released the grip of a toxic relationship, and won best in class in every category at her horse show. She said that her horse can feel the difference in her energy.

10 minutes a day really, sincerely can alter your whole life!


Implement The Practice:

In the Hot & Holy Course I guide you through a whole process of creating a morning practice with different elements you can include depending on what Goddess energy you want to call upon that day.

What I really emphasize in the morning practice is that this is NOT a MENTAL practice.  This is not necessarily about reading and journaling, and being in your head.  Those practices can be beneficial, but I am much more interested in shifting your physical state.  Your physical state is what determines your thoughts, your stories, and your perceptions.  

You will most likely spend most of your day in your mind.  Take this time to get in your body, to feel the deliciousness of your physical form, and renew your enthusiasm for being alive.  All animals do this.  Think about a kitty cat getting up after a nap.  She consciously takes a little time to become alive in her body. stretching and moving.

Ideally your practice has 3 components:

1- Movement - A physical practice to shift you into a deeper state of presence
2- Breath & Meditation
3- A Statement of Intention or "I AM Statement"

For now, to get you started, I recommend rolling out a yoga mat if you have one, or just using a rug, and doing some basic stretching and deep breathing.  If you have been to one of my introductory nights where I have shared any of the breathing practices such as the Urban Goddess Shakti breath - this is a perfect time to do this practice.  This breath connects you to your pleasure and feminine fuel.  

Once you have gotten present in your physical body through movement and breath, then take a moment to close your eyes and envision one goal or intention you have for your life.  Don't just think about it, but breathe into it and feel the experience of being the person achieving this goal or intention.  Get connected to the "feeling" state and let that state infiltrate your whole being.  

And then top it all off by saying "I AM...." and fill in the blank.  Taking a moment to consciously state who you are as an act of divine remembrance is very powerful!  It can be anywhere from one word to several sentences.

Here are some examples of I AM statements from past clients and immersion participants:

“I am sacred wildfire. My heart burns at the center while I light the world around me. My life is MY CHOICE, and I have always been fully-expressed, wild, and FREE. “

"I am worthy and I know who I am.  I operate from a place of love, abundance, and trust.  I am healthy in body and mind, like a radiant rose.  I am a magnificent goddess and I am free!"

" I am here and I am whole. I am a goddess, a warrior and a friend. I am brave enough even to admit that I am a writer. Oh, yeah!"

Can you imagine starting your day with that kind of excitement and conviction about your own life??  When women do this and REALLY allow it to be an embodied experience, their whole life changes for the better!

I want this for you.

Find those 10 minutes.
Love, Amanda

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