Are Your Tears A key To Your Feminine Power?

Hello Beautiful,

Have you had a good cry lately?

Whenever too many weeks have gone by and I haven't had a good long cry, I know something is wrong.

My ability to cry and express my sadness is an important component of my health, and a key to my feminine power and magnetism.

In fact, I even consider tears in some way to be a special beauty elixir.

Our softness is an important aspect of our femininity.

If you have labeled tears as something weak, or a sign that something is “wrong”, then you have cut off your natural flow of emotion and expression and feeling.  And rather than allow your softness, you have begun to harden.

One of the biggest blocks between you and your juicy feminine power is the layers of hardening that have built up over the years that becomes a kind of armoring over your body and your feminine energy,

When you do this, It’s like you’ve built up tough skin which seems to work well in the career arena,  showing you are and strong and not easily hurt,  but that tough skin also gets between you and intimacy with a partner, and even between your own heart and mind.

This hardening can actually become a kind of mask on your face.  A mask of tension and stress, which can even give a masculine appearance regardless of how much makeup you put on, or how femininely you adorn yourself.

Our feeling is what makes us feminine.

The wash of emotion across your face of a good cry will actually soften the "mask", and leave you radiant, and glowing afterwards.

It’s not uncommon, when women begin to work with me that they will start to feel a wider range of emotion which includes more connection to sadness and tears.  Sometimes a woman will call me up, and say “I haven’t stopped crying for 5 days!  What’s wrong with me?”, and I actually smile and tell her she is right on track because I know that this is a sign she is actually more in touch with her feminine energy.   Her soft feminine heart is starting to be revealed, and the layers of armor are softening.

Don't  be afraid of your feelings!
Don't hold back those tears!
Let them Flow!

It is in this space of surrendered feeling that you begin to unlock your feminine magic, and power, and tune into yourself as a magnetizer. (One of your BIG feminine powers!)

It's really just a reframing of tears as a special feminine gift rather than a "problem" or a sign something is wrong.  It's  sign you are healthy and alive.

I'm not suggesting that you try and make yourself cry, however, I do suggest that you allow yourself space and time to breathe into your heart, to journal about your feelings, and give yourself permission to slow down and feel whenever the urge arises.