And Still we Rise: How Donald Trump as President Maybe the Best Thing to happen for the Rise of Feminine Power

The Rise of the Feminine is not stopping or slowing down despite what happened Tuesday night.  We may not be welcoming in our first female President, however the progress of women, and of feminine power might just be speeding up.

I must admit, when the reality of what took place at the polls sunk in, I felt crushed and devastated.  I had a deeply visceral feeling of being unsafe as a woman in the world with this man as commander in chief.  I felt shaky, nauseaus, and like my body was experiencing some major trauma.  I felt as though someone had handed the keys to my home over to a drunken, mentally imbalanced, rapist. I felt deep fear for my friends of color, LGBT, or anyone living an “alternative” lifestyle.  Like somehow we had been propelled back into a movie from the 80’s where the bullying Jocks and Frat boys ruled the school.

However, today I feel electrically alive and inspired even more deeply by my mission to empower the feminine.

I have come to realize that perhaps the feelings of safety I had in my home and my country were a mirage.  Having spent the majority of my adult life living in New York City, and now In Los Angeles, surrounded by my “liberal” community, I think I have had a sheltered perception of where we are at as a nation. This election result shows us the true state of our country, and has told us that we can’t ignore the dark underbelly of dissent, the shadow side of our culture which is still alive and well with it’s misogyny, and racism.  We must acknowledge as well the tremendous fear and anger that is motivating many.

As much as we may feel called to vilify and separate ourselves from Trump, and his supporters, the truth is that they are simply a part of our own self that we may have disconnected from in our identification as the calm, rational, peaceful, spiritual, liberal.


There is a lot of anger on the planet right now.  Anger at the old paradigm and how it is no longer working.  The old systems ARE no longer tenable.    And those of us that think we are “above” anger may be cutting ourselves off from the depth of our power, because anger can be used as fuel for positive transformation.`


I was very much caught up in the narrative of the rise of the feminine being led by our first female President.

But perhaps Hillary as President would have simply been more of the same, and also led to a certain layer of complaisance?  Perhaps we all would have woken up Wednesday and felt self satisfied, even self congratulatory at how far we’ve come as a nation?  Patting ourselves on the back and going back to sleep..


If what we are calling for is a truly TRANSFORMED world, perhaps Donald Trump as President is exactly what we need?


Perhaps this is the wake up call needed in order for us to recognize that this is time for REVOLUTION.  This is not a time for mild, half steps in the direction of change.


This is a time for deepening our own commitment to our ideals


Perhaps the violence, the anger, the frustration that we perceive as those “others” - those uneducated, ignorants, mirrors our own unexpressed rage.   Trump may draw our own hidden anger to the surface in a way which can actually be used to propel the movement forward for the feminine and for womankind.

There are powerful Warrior Goddesses who represent how sacred anger is expressed through the feminine.  Every culture has it’s own version of a warrior Goddess.  She has weapons which cut through the illusions and old attachments, mercilessly and swiftly they bring in massive change and transformation.


The Hindu Goddesses Kali and Durga come to mind on this occasion.

Now is the time to call forth our true Warriors of Love to the surface and bring that change.

And in that this election was decided more on the division between establishment and anti-establishment, perhaps Trump supporters are more akin to us, then we may initially perceive?

 Durga carries many weapons in her hands, and those weapons are actually the weapons which belong to all of the primary Gods.  This single female Goddess holds all of their power. She is known to carry the sword of truth which cuts through illusions of our ego mind.


I pray to Goddess Durga to bring truth to the forefront always, even if that truth is uncomfortable and painful to bear.  I pray “Please bring me truth.  Allow me to see beyond the veils of illusion to what is truly here.  Allow me to have the courage to face the truth, and do what needs to be done from this place of sober clear vision.”

This week’s election has removed the “gum” from our eyes.  The fluorescent lights have been turned high and we are no longer under the illusion that the revolution is taking place without our participation, or without a deeper commitment from us.

This is the time to call forth the fierce and loving face of the feminine.  To gather in tribe.  To gather circles of women, To gather circles of conscious, loving men and women to hold the line.

To acknowledge our anger and rage at injustices and violence against women.  To harness that rage and transmute it into powerful fuel for transformation and a new world order which is more inclusive of the feminine energy and principles.


We can no longer afford to be complacent or remain in inaction.  We can no longer rest on our laurels, no longer take for granted our privileges.  We must boldly stand for our ideals.  We must daily remind each other that this is a time for a change and that we must ground in and be that change.  Someone else isn’t going to do it for us.

Together we continue to rise.  Together we continue to stand for love.  Let this embolden us in our mission and our intentions for a truly TRANSFORMED world.