This year, Let's do it differently

Let's make 2016 the year we embrace our feminine energy

This year I have HUGE plans, and BIG goals, AND I am also committed more than ever before to standing in my feminine energy, and materializing these intentions and visions all from my feminine core.  

I'm hoping you will join me in this.

Most of us believe that those 2 things can’t go together.  That we can’t achieve big things AND be in our feminine at the same time.  But it is time to shift this outdated thinking which is actually keeping us small and creating a lot of suffering for women.


It is time for more women to not just talk about it, but to actually EMBODY the energetic frequency of the feminine.

The world is aching for you to have the courage of spirit to allow your femininity to flourish and blossom, because the world breathes a sigh of relief and is actually healed by your presence when you are in your feminine energy.

Not only is the world aching for this, but I'm pretty sure your whole body and soul is aching for this too.  More and more women are coming to the conclusion, that it has become TOO painful to continue in the old ways. (The old ways of running on masculine energy, and the wounded feminine, lead to exhaustion, burn out, frustration, feelings of lack, physical break downs, )  


So Let's Do this! (The feminine way)

Starting with how we approach our new years intentions.


Have you written out your intentions for 2016 yet?

You probably have set specific goals in the area of career, money, relationships-

but have you set the intention to actually go about doing things differently this year?

Or are you going to barrel into 2016 with the same kind of energy of all the previous years?

I have a friend who often says "No Change, No Change" 

What she means is that if you don't change something fundamental about how you are going about doing things - nothing is going to significantly change in your life.

You can set new intentions, but if you don't change your approach, it won't matter.

You can't keep going about things the same way, and expect different results.

If you want this year to be a BIG shift, you have to make a very big shift in your approach.

What is the most significant fundamental change you can make in how you are going about things?

If you are a woman - it is to actually choose to do things the FEMININE WAY.  

We've been taught to approach our goals a certain way by our culture, and it often feels scary, and risky to step into our feminine energy, ESPECIALLY when we are talking about GOALS and intentions.  To achieve our goals takes drive, sacrifice, and force. Right?

Well, actually, not necessarily.

There is a way to use your feminine energy to manifest and materialize.  

To Manifest the Feminine way is to MAGNETIZE.

When you magnetize,  you are able to materialize your desires much more effortlessly, and in a way that feels flowing and easeful.  You feel like you have forces at play which are supporting you and pushing you along.  It's kind of like having the wind at your back, instead of trying to push hard against the wind with each step that you take.  Things start showing up FOR you, and coming TO you, instead of you having to chase after them.

Sounds good, huh?  Maybe TOO good?

Most of us have never been taught what it means to be in our feminine and to magnetize.  So although it may sounds nice, and we "get it" - we don't really understand where to begin or how to apply this in our life in a day to day way.  It can even feel like some new age mumbo jumbo,  and a part of us doesn't even believe it's really possible.

But it is REAL - It is possible.  You just need someone to help break down the steps for you.

The first step is to come into your feminine center,  You can't magnetize if your not at home in your body and soul. 

Most of us are running around with very scattered energy, looking outside ourselves, reaching, straining, seeking reflections from others..  This is not the state to magnetize from.  

You have to come into that still point inside, breathing into your feminine core, and filling yourself up with juicy nectar like a flower who is attracting the bee.  She is emitting a subtle perfume, an essence which draws the bee to her.

As women, we fill ourselves up with our feminine nectar, and emit a certain frequency which actually draws and magnetizes our desires to us.

There is a word for this magnetizing feminine nectar.  It's your Shakti.   To tap into your Shakti is the first step to beginning to operate from your feminine.

Shakti is a Sanskrit word meaning Goddess and feminine creative life force.  When you connect to your Shakti you start filling yourself up with the feminine nourishment that every woman needs in order to be able to manifest the feminine way.


It is a subtle energy that you can begin to tune into through breath, awareness, and physical, and meditative practices.  And these practices are FUN practices because usually they are connected to your pleasure. :)


Here is a quick tool that you can use to help you magnetize your

New Years goals and intentions.  The purpose of this exercise is to allow you to feel what it's like to BE the you who has fulfilled on these desires.  When you have actually become this version of you, the desires easily magnetize to you, because that is who you are BEING.  Of course there are still action steps you can take in the world to help create this reality, but this exercise helps you to focus on the BEING part of the equation.  That is the essence of magnetizing.:


(Maybe an image of a woman in a sacred moment or laying down in the grass or something?)


New Year's Magnetizing Ritual

1. Take a moment and look at your goals and intentions and slowly breathe them in.

2. Lay down on your back in a comfortable place either on a yoga mat or in your bed.

3. Take a scent that you have very positive associations with.  

Something that reminds you of the way you think it will feel to have accomplished or acquired your desires.  

This could be an essential oil, a perfume, a lotion. etc.Take a few drops and put in the palm of your hand and rub them together .  With your eyes closed inhale this fragrance and take a few deep breaths,

4. Now start to imagine yourself once you have received your desires being fulfilled.  Call forth this version of yourself in your minds eye.  See how she is standing or sitting.  What is she wearing?  How is she breathing?  How does it feel in her body?  I want you to pay very special attention to her physicality.  Continue to deepen your breath and start to call forth this version of self closer and closer until you have merged with her.  Feel what it's like to be inside her body.  Feel the rhythm of her breath.

Continue for several minutes until you feel you have deeply connected with her.  Once you feel some level of completion, you can start to separate again.  Look in her eyes.  Thank her for her presence with you.  Ask her if she has anything she wants to communicate to you.  And then you can say goodbye for now.  Take your time to move slowly and continue feeling the vibration of this version of self as you begin to open your eyes and come back into the room.

5.  Everyday you can spend a few moments inhaling this scent and revisiting with this version of self.  Remembering what it feels like to be the version of you who has received the fulfillment of these desires.

With regularity, you have become this version of you!

Enjoy playing with this ritual!  and Happy New Year!