Confession: I've been out of balance

Finding Balance


Since I’ve arrived here in LA, I’ve noticed that I haven’t been calling on my inner Warrior Goddess as much as I did when I was in New York.  Somehow she hasn’t felt as appropriate here in sunny southern California, with her black leather, her fierce goal oriented approach, and ass kicking attitude.

Here in LA it feels more “go with the flow”.  But, is that always a good thing?

In some ways it’s been a great relief to have a break from the hard core intensity and drive of New York City.  To instead visit the ocean every day, go for long walks on the beach, ride my bike around, and literally stop and smell the flowers everywhere I go.  (My Sensual and Compassionate Goddesses have been in heaven!)

BUT, I have come to the conclusion that I am out of balance.  Without the fire of the warrior Goddess, my energy can get a little stuck.  It has shown up in various ways in my life, but I can sum it all up to say that it creates a little bit of a limbo feeling when she’s missing.

The Warrior Goddess holds the energy of fire and transformation.  When we are not accessing her power things just don’t move in our life, in our body, in our energetic field.

Every great Goddess tradition has their own version of a Warrior Goddess.  

In Egypt there is Sekhmet, the lion headed Goddess sent down by the God Ra to wreak havoc and destruction on a human race which has lost a sense of justice and balance.  There is Artemis in the Roman tradition who, as the Goddess  of the hunt, has her bow and arrow, and sacred refuge in the forest.  There is Durga from the Hindu tradition who has 8 arms, and carries all of the weapons of the major Gods. She is brought in to existence in order to defeat a demon whose inflated ego and lust for power is taking over the world, and cannot be defeated by any man or God except mighty Durga.  Or Oya from Africa who is the Goddess of the lightning and winds, who dances in circles with her machete, and creates awful storms that rip down trees, and calls up instantaneous and radical internal revolution.

All of these Goddesses have weapons which cut through illusions, though inertia, and through old attachment.  Mercilessly, and swiftly they bring in massive change and transformation.

Because this energy is SO important , and so missing, or misunderstood in so many women’s lives, I am going to do a series of blog posts all about her over the next several weeks and months.

I’ll talk about embracing the inner bitch, why the warrior goddess is needed for hot sex, how she helps you manifest in any area of your life, simple tools and practices to call her up, how to connect to this energy and stay in your feminine, and how to balance it with the other Goddess powers.  whoo!

It’s time to be Fierce AND Feminine Ladies!

I am so excited to bring more of this energy into my life here in LA, and to share it all with YOU!