Will The World Really Be Saved By The Western Woman?

At the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009 the Dalai Llama said, “The world will be saved by the western woman.” This quote has been so widely circulated in the women’s empowerment movement over the last 5 years, that I now cringe a bit each time I hear it repeated once again.

My concern is that referencing this statement again and again can make us think that we are already there, and prevent us from looking at the individual internal work which must be done by each of us in order to be able to live into this potential, and actually be of service to the world in the way he probably intended.

My understanding of his statement is that he believes that the world can be healed by a rebalancing of the feminine energy, and he pointed to the western woman because we have greater wealth and freedom compared to women in the rest of the world, which gives us the opportunity to make a greater impact.

For us to realize this potential we need to feel empowered and embodying our feminine energy, but unfortunately, most women in the western world feel really disconnected to their feminine power.

Overworked, depleted, stressed out, tense, anxious, and undersexed, women running  a lot of masculine energy are not going to be capable of truly bringing in a balance of the feminine energy on the planet.  So far that is what we have seen from most women who have taken on leadership roles in our culture.

If we as women, are internally polarized and antagonistic to our own femininity, how are we going to be able to take a stand for the feminine in the world at large?

In order to truly galvanize a healing feminine revolution on the planet,  we need to do our own healing first.  When we learn to honor the feminine within ourselves, and respect, appreciate and nurture our own female energy on an individual level, then we are able to contribute to a larger scale shift towards a rebalancing in the world.

I believe that connecting to the Goddess archetypes is one of the most direct paths to healing the disconnection to our feminine.

Since we don’t actually have many role models of true feminine leadership in our current culture, the stories of the Goddesses can be models which help to guide us into a healthy relationship with all of the faces of our own feminine power.  By cultivating a spiritual practice which is based on feminine principles, we come into greater respect, honor, and appreciation of the flavor of power, strength and leadership which is uniquely feminine.

This is a really juicy and very important conversation for us to be engaged in as women at this time, and I am excited that I will be exploring this and much more next Thursday with two women who are blazing the path for feminine leadership.  We will dive deep together into why the Goddess plays such an important role in the rise of the woman on the planet right now.

Join Tabby Biddle, author of “Find Your Voice: A Woman’s Call to Action”, Suparna Bhasin, founder of She Creates Change, and me for an enlivening conversation, and reception after.

This panel event will be here in LA. If you happen to be in town, I would love to see you, and feel free to share with any of your LA friends.

Much Love,

Event Details:

Rise of the Goddess: Panel Discussion

When: Thursday, May 7th 7:30-9:30pm

The Quest
2122 Lincoln Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291

Investment: $20 tickets in advance

To Register: Click here

There will be a reception after the panel with light snacks and refreshments.