NOW is the time of the return of the Goddess. 

Do you know you are meant to play a role helping to usher her in?

The Urban Goddess Facilitator Training Program begins this September.  

It is a 6 month long training ending in March certifying you to teach both the

12 week Goddess Immersion  &

12 session one on one coaching program.


In 6 months you will

  • Deepen your own relationship to the Goddess and Divine Feminine energy
  • Learn about Ancient Tantric and Hindu Gods and Goddesses
  • Immerse yourself in material that will give you a strong foundation in the history and ways of the Goddess
  • Learn how to become a channel for the wisdom of the Divine Feminine to move through you in service 
  • Become confident in public speaking and teaching
  • Learn how to promote yourself and begin working with your first clients
  • Make bonds and form a network with other like minded and devoted Priestesses on the Path

Empower yourself to be a leader and earn a living as a representative of the Divine Feminine Movement.