Urban Goddess Temple Community is a Place for women to gather monthly to raise our feminine frequency so we can be the leaders and lovers our world desperately needs

The world needs you to be in your feminine power right now because we need a critical mass of  women who are able to hold a high sacred feminine frequency which will help us reach the tipping point to shift us collectively into the new feminine paradigm.


The stakes are high right now, because there are many forces at play that want to take us backwards into a lower frequency.  Because of this I am dedicated to seeing you RISE in your power, fullness, and beauty to claim your throne as a Queen and a Goddess Leader.  This is no time to shrink, play small, or retreat from your desitny and your highest potential, which is why Urban Goddess is gathering a tribe of awakening women, and we want to invite you to the party.  

I am gathering a tribe of fierce feminine women, and building a sanctuary of feminine energy to be an incubation tank for the blossoming generation of feminine leaders and modern Priestesses.


  • Do you feel like somehow your meant to play a part in this Rise of the Feminine ?

  • Are you curious to learn how to raise your frequency and live more fully in your power as a woman? 

  • Do you like the idea that your sexual turn on is an important part of your feminine power?

  • Are you striving to discover the delicate balance of your Fierce power and your Feminine softness and receptivity?

  • Do you vacillate between feeling really inspired, lit up and on your mission, and then feeling defeated, unsure, and questioning everything?

  • Do you feel upset about what is taking place politically in the U.S. right now and feel that you are supposed to be a part of the solution in some way, even if it is just by making an impact in your immediate environment?

  • Do you crave sisterhood connection, touch,  bonding, and time way from the computer screen and smartphone?

If this sounds like you, then you are an awakening woman who is ready to step into her power.


1. TRIBE: You don’t have to do it alone, and things always feel worse when you isolate yourself. Women respond to sisterhood and community.  You need a tribe of women who see you in your power,  hold you in your highest potential, and help you remember your glory when you are struggling.

2. SANCTUARY SPACE: An environment to receive nourishment for your feminine soul, which is deeply nurturing, safe, and feminine. You need an actual physical space.  While virtual can be nice occasionally, you need time away from your computer and smart phone.  You need a physical space that will help ground you into your feminine body, and allow you to have physical touch and bonding with your sister tribe.

3. MENTORSHIP: While you already are a deeply intuitive and tapped in woman, it's still helpful to have a guide.  A place where you can RECEIVE support, direction, and guidance.  Someone you can turn to so you don't have to figure it all out on your own.  A woman who has been walking this path, and living these practices for some time.

4. TOOLS: Specific tools and practices that you can use at home daily to plug into your feminine power. 

5. A MODEL OF FEMININE POWER: A model of power based on Goddess wisdom that shows you how to be both strong and soft.

6. DAILY CONNECTION: Time dedicated daily to your spiritual life, to your pleasure, and to your heart, in order  to refuel your tank so you are able to truly contribute to the world.

Spring Temple Membership will open soon.


To Enter the Temple: 

Urban Goddess Temple Membership consists of one Initiation Weekend Plus Ongoing Monthly Support.

Step One: Initiation Weekend

April 8-9 / OR /  April 22-23   (Sat 10-5 & Sun 10-5)

 Traditionally for a new priestess to be a part of a Goddess Temple, she would have to be initiated first through series of trainings and rituals to receive the knowledge needed in order to participate fully in the Temple.

 The Urban Goddess Temple Community is a unique space where we will be doing deep work as we are cultivating the new breed of Awakening Feminine Leaders.  It's important for you to be grounded in the foundational principles of  a feminine based spiritual practice, and initiated deeply into the 3 faces of the Goddess, and her forms of feminine power before you enter.  The initiation is the foundational structure upon which our feminine community can flourish.  With a strong shared foundation beneath our feet, we can flow together and Rise more fully, just like a plant with deep roots in the ground, or a Temple space built on a solid foundation, not something shaky or ungrounded that can easily be blown away.

Your Initiation will consist of a weekend immersion into the principles of the Urban Goddess Formula for Feminine Power

Initiation I  

Saturday - Foundation Practices - The first step is to bring yourself into alignment with your highest potential as a woman.  You must ground into your center by cultivating practices of feminine self care which raise your vibrational frequency, and strengthen your physical container to support operating at a higher level, and opening up new channels for new opportunities, and new outcomes.

  •  Care of the Body Temple (Dietary recommendations, Supplements, and physical practices)
  •  Care of the Home Temple (Creating your own Sacred Space)
  •  Care of the Feminine Soul (Cultivating Daily Feminine Spiritual Practice)

Initiation II :

Sunday - The Three Powers of the Goddess

Once we have laid the basic foundation, we will spend the rest of the weekend diving deeply into the three powers of womanhood based on Goddess archetypes.

  • Fierce- The Power of Your Warrior Goddess
  • Feminine- The Power of Your Sensual Goddess
  • Free- The Power of Your Compassionate Goddess

You will learn how to identify what power you are needing in any given moment, and how to activate that power within yourself.   You will learn about the primary Goddesses associated with each of the 3 Powers, and learn how to invoke their presence in your life.  We learn how to connect with these Goddesses mentally, spiritually, and physically using movement, dance, breath practices, journaling, written exercises, and  group rituals.

This weekend will be an opportunity to develop deep bonds with your sisters in the Temple, and discover that you have a large tribe around you that you can trust with your vulnerability, and your delicate awakening process.  This is your Temple tribe; women who will both nurture you and challenge you to grow.

Step 2: Temple Community Monthly Ongoing Support

After your initiation you will be supported on a monthly basis in a number of ways so that you can keep the momentum moving forward.

  • Monthly Temple Night and Masterclass with Urban Goddess Founder,  Amanda Young. (The first Thursday of every month)   A 3 hour evening event of ritual, teaching, practicing, networking, and masterminding with your Goddess Tribe
  • Each month will focus on a different Goddess and different theme.
  • Community and Sisterhood connection throughout the month with your Goddess Posse.
  • Bonus trainings and classes with guest teachers
  • Closed Facebook group for Temple members

Details for Spring Temple

Initiation Weekend: April 8-9 OR April 22-23,  Los Angeles

Sat and Sun 10 am - 5 pm

Temple Monthly membership 

Begins Thursday, May 4th, and is ongoing every first Thursday 6:30- 9:30 pm

Los Angeles at Westside Location

* You must participate in one of the initiation weekends in order to participate in the monthly temple.

 Temple Membership Includes

  • One weekend retreat to initiate you into the Urban Goddess model of feminine power


  • Monthly Temple Night and Masterclass with Urban Goddess Founder and Creatrix, Amanda Young. (The first Thursday of every month)
  • Each month will focus on a different Goddess and different theme.
  • Community and Sisterhood connection throughout the month with your Goddess Posse.
  • Bonus trainings and classes with guest teachers
  • Closed Facebook group for Temple members


Initiation Weekend

$697 or 2 payments of $389

Monthly Membership (Begins in May)

Basic $59/mo

Lakshmi Deluxe  $89/mo

Lakshmi membership includes everything in the Basic plan plus a gift package each month including a book, and special items chosen by Amanda to support the months theme, and a spa day with Amanda once per quarter.